Find Your Perfect Kitchen Worktop with Innovative New Search Engine

Installing a new kitchen and need the perfect worktop to pull it all together? Starting a new interior design project and want to examine the ranges of kitchen worktops that are on offer? A brand new directory service has just launched aiming to bring all consumers and professionals high-quality videos and in-depth information about counter suppliers in their area to ensure that the perfect kitchen is just a few clicks away. Kitchen Worktops TV is an online resource which will revolutionise how consumers, architects, designers, builders and specifiers choose their worktops, creating beautiful kitchens with the very best materials.

Mark Mills CEO of Kitchen Worktops TV says, “We are a new and unique website and our aim is to inform a wide range of clients of the different materials available for their kitchen worktops. We can offer detailed videos of the worktops in action, as well as in-depth information about their construction, and where they can be bought from. “

The experts behind Kitchen Worktops TV have over 40 years of experience in the industry, and have pooled all of their knowledge and resources to create this comprehensive research facility. The online search function allows users to streamline their searches, and the results feature some of the world’s most practical and desirable materials for kitchen worktops and counters. Whether users want a traditional granite or marble counter, or something a little more unique, the innovative search engine turns up as many results as possible to ensure that everyone gets access to the broadest range of materials.

The search results which are turned out by the online search engine are sourced from all over the world, and are ideal for everyone from designers and architects, to kitchen studio and retail customers, to consumers themselves who are looking to renovate their own home. All of the people in these positions can use the tool to thoroughly research their kitchen counter options and ensure that the kitchen that they end up installing or designing is the kitchen of their own clients’ dreams.

Not only can the entire process result in the client finding the perfect product for them, it can also save them a lot of time and plenty of money. The search engine will look for the cheapest possible options within certain price ranges and within certain specifications, so furnishing a kitchen on a budget has never been so simple. Verified members work to Kitchen Worktops’ TV’s code of conduct to ensure that customers are buying from verified and accredited traders whose products are of a certain standard; high-quality is guaranteed.

The team behind Kitchen Worktops TV are also planning to launch a worktop comparison site in the near future, where their users will be able to browse the available counters even more easily.

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About Kitchen Worktops TV: After being founded in 2012, Kitchen Workshop TV has already gone on to help dozens of clients find a stunning kitchen worktop solution. Whether it is stunning laminate or an elegant stone countertop, the search engine allows clients to find whatever materials they need in an instant.