Findtheneedle boosts job market in Norfolk with the opening of a new branch

Online business directory Findtheneedle has brought jobs to the Norfolk area thanks to the firm opening up a new branch in King’s Lynn. The growing company now has offices in Hertfordshire, Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk as it expands its operations and supports more businesses across the UK to create a strong online presence and generate leads.

Across the UK, unemployment fell to an eleven year low between March and April but there are still 1.65 million people searching for a job. In Norfolk alone that are over 6,000 people claiming unemployment-related benefits and some of them could now benefit from the opening of Findtheneedle’s new office, which is seeking talented individuals in a variety of areas.

Mike Day, Senior Marketing Manager, said, “We’re thrilled to be expanding the business with the launch of our fourth office in Norfolk. The regional offices give us a greater chance to reach more businesses to showcase their products and services on our directory and with our help it could them grow too. We’re one of the largest and most visited business to business directories in the UK and our continued success means we have plans to further expand in the future.”

Findtheneedle allows a range of businesses to display hundreds of products or services, acting as a lead generator for a range of different sectors, from denta; to security. Thanks to the exposure and providing quality backlinks, the business to business portal can also help firms improve their SEO and online presence. Unlike other business directories, Findtheneedle randomises search results, meaning companies large and small have an equal opportunity to be found on its platform.

The new Findtheneedle office can be found at the historic Tuesday’s Market Place, King’s Lynn, surrounded by shops, restaurants and entertainment venues that have benefited from recent regeneration.

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Findtheneedle is a database of specialist industry contacts for a range of sectors, from construction to medicine, helping to connect businesses. The company launched in 2004 and since then it has rapidly grown, with more than 5,000 companies now subscribed to the site, and is now one of the largest and most visited business directories in the UK.