Five Steps to Maintaining Synthetic Hair Extensions

Whilst they are not as high-maintenance as human hair extensions, sometimes synthetic extensions need a little TLC too. Synthetic hair can be heated and styled in a variety of different ways, but this doesn’t mean they need some looking after every now and then. Here is FAME Hair Extensions’ five-step guide to maintaining glamorous synthetic hair extensions.

  1. 1.       Always check the quality level first. When purchasing synthetic hair, it is important to remember that the cheapest synthetics will either be completely unable to withstand heat styling, or only able to withstand the lowest amount of heat possible on a curling iron or straightener. If you plan to use heat to style your extensions, the best maintenance you can do is preventative; invest in high-quality!
  2. 2.       Invest in a decent detangling spray and keep it in your handbag for everyday use. Spritz a little on extensions daily and brush out completely to prevent hair becoming tangled and sometimes frizzy. It is also worth investing in a specially-made extension brush, as some brushes for normal hair can damage wefts or cause clip-in hair extensions to loosen or fall out entirely.
  3. 3.        Be very careful when curling or straightening extensions. The majority of synthetic extensions will be straight, and will remain straight even after they are washed. But many who invest in synthetic hair extensions do so because they want the freedom to be able to style their hair as often as they want. Spritz some hot water over extensions before using heated or ceramic rollers into them. Allow to dry naturally and remove when the hair is dried for glossy, natural-looking curls that haven’t been exposed to masses of heat.
  4. 4.       It should go without saying, but just because synthetic hair extensions are not human hair, does not mean they don’t deserve the same grooming process! Wash out any products such as hairspray or serum at the end of the day with a very mild shampoo and conditioners; baby shampoo works great. Alternatively, buy a shampoo for synthetic wigs to return hair to square one after every day.
  5. 5.       Don’t be afraid to get the scissors out if ends become frizzy. Trim off any frizzy ends in the extensions and rub some hair oil through them. Leave the oil for around an hour, then wipe it out using a towel and use baby or synthetic shampoo to rinse.

Following these simple tips will give any girl the luscious locks she wants, without having to resort to wearing unethical human hair.

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