Fleet Evolution’s ‘Olympic-Style’ Vehicle Management Packages Set to Launch This Month

One of the UK’s leading salary sacrifice car providers has launched a brand new ‘Olympic-style’ set of packages for businesses hoping to implement one of the schemes. Fleet Evolution’s brand new ‘gold, silver or bronze’ packages mean that customers can choose the perfect service for them – all backed by Fleet Evolution’s exceptional service.

The brand new system will launch in May, and customers will be able to take advantage of the unique three-tier system, whether they’re new to Fleet Evolution or a long-standing client.

Professional and cost-effective, the vehicle management packages offered by Fleet Evolution are essentially full-time services for part-time investment. The introduction of the new ‘gold, silver or bronze’ package system means that customers have total flexibility to choose which specific services they want to use. The Bronze package will give customers all the reporting the need to get a grip of fleet costs, while the Gold level actually come with fleet management consultancy services, offering advice on collected data and constructive strategies to reduce costs across the board.

Andrew Leech, Managing Director of Fleet Evolution, says, “Fleet management is an incredibly time consuming task. We would know, we’ve been in the business for years! With a constant flow of other factors to take care of, many businesses simply can’t find the time to effectively manage their fleet. Others attempt to juggle tasks and end up underperforming across the board. Our full-time vehicle management service is the ideal solution for time-short businesses, offering expert provision at an affordable price.”

A fully operational fleet sits at the heart of any business with a dynamic workforce. From healthcare workers making house calls to patients, restaurants delivering food to customers, accountants attending business meetings across the city or delivery drivers making the daily rounds, well managed vehicles are what keep operations running smoothly. When any member of the fleet encounters an issue day-to-day operations can quickly be jeopardised. Whether it’s a minor mechanical issue or a write off crash, repairing the damage and getting employees back on the road can be frustrating, time consuming and costly.  

Fleet Evolution is taking the stress out of vehicle management with its full-time service for a part time investment. Clients enjoy key reporting when, where and how they need it. Rather than spend time dealing with the logistics of managing a fleet business owners can sit back and enjoy the peace of mind that their vehicles are being looked after by a team of dedicated experts. They can then spend their time meeting customer demands, growing their enterprise and ultimately boosting their bottom line.

As well as efficiently dealing with problems when they arise Fleet Evolution’s vehicle management service actively works to prevent the occurrence of issues. Regular maintenance, evaluation of reports and other proactive measures ensure that the majority of problems are identified and managed before they arise into full blow issues.

The Fleet Evolution vehicle management service is already being utilised by a portfolio of clients across the UK. From small scale local organisations to national enterprises, no fleet is too big or small for the customer oriented company.

To find out more about Fleet Evolution and how the full-time fleet management service is helping businesses across the nation spend more time on the things that matter, visit the website at: http://www.fleetevolution.com/  


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