Food Ordering UK Launches World’s First One-off Payment Software for Hospitality Industry

A UK entrepreneur has brought a new form of online food ordering to the table with the launch of an intelligent and cost effective software solution for restaurants, takeaways and other food outlets.

Offering businesses the chance to pay a one-off license fee in exchange for a lifetime service, Food Ordering UK is a revolutionary world first. Smart, fast and cost effective, the innovative new system is designed to maximise profits in bars, bistros, restaurants and kitchens, increase productivity and offer customers an exceptional online ordering experience.

Denis Kondopoulos, Project Manager, says “Food Ordering UK was developed when I was trying to help a restaurateur friend of mine find a food ordering service that did not demand hefty commissions or ongoing maintenance fees. After extensive research, I realised that such a thing simply did not exist. This inspired me to create a system that filled the gap and offered business owners an efficient and affordable alternative to the profit draining market leaders.”

Unlike its software-as-a-service and commission based competitors, Food Ordering UK demands no monthly fees, commission or ongoing renewal payments. All technical support is offered as an on-demand paid service which means that clients only pay for what they need, when they need it. This gives businesses complete control over their orders and ensures that profits remain in their pockets rather than those of their food ordering service provider.

Flexible and efficient, the innovative new system is ideal for startups, chains and independent businesses alike. Featuring a self-service administration system, managers have the power to change photos, menu items and prices as required. Customer usability is also exceptional, utilising a simple ‘select and pay’ process to offer peckish patrons fuss free ordering at their fingertips.

Integrated with mobile compatibility and the option of using a specially developed app, Food Ordering UK harnesses the power of modern technology to offer its clients and their customers an unmatched level of convenience and value for money. 

With the capacity to deliver orders via email, smartphone, tablet, SMS, fax, mini printer or ePOS, the food order management process can be customised to suit the unique needs of a business. Customers and business owners also benefit from flexible payment options, including online payment or pay on arrival.

The software boasts an array of customisable extras including 360° virtual tour, in-restaurant ordering, foreign language support and data marketing and offers. With transparent pricing and a pre-set hourly technical support rate, the system is a refreshing alternative to its profit hungry competitors.

From chain restaurants, takeaway establishments, independent businesses and caterers, the system can be customised and branded to cater to the exact needs of a business and its customers.

Food Ordering UK is priced at a one-off cost of £999 or £99 monthly repayments spread across 12 months.

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About Food Ordering UK: Developed specifically to fill a gaping hole in the market, Food Ordering UK offers businesses premium quality food ordering software in exchange for a one off license fee payment. This eliminates the need for monthly payments and commission, giving businesses complete control over their profits.  



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