Forgetful Men Now Have Angry Woman In Their Pocket With Alert App, RemembHer

Calling all forgetful men! Does your bad memory get you in trouble sometimes? Are you tired of forgetting important appointments or having to make last-minute runs for birthday presents at the 11thhour? Never fear – RemembHer is a brand new app that acts as an unavoidable reminder service, so you’ll never forget a special date again. From anniversaries to check-ups at the dentist, the unique new app has it covered.

RemembHer differs from other apps on the market because of the unique persona delivering the reminders – nothing will get a man moving quite like an angry woman! RemembHer has a selection of hilarious phrases and voices that are guaranteed to have any man leaping from the sofa to fulfil his duties, whether it’s flowers for Mother’s Day or remembering to take the car for an MOT.

Levengrove, the developer of the app, says, “There are countless reminder apps on the market, but they’re very bland and don’t offer any incentive to do anything – they offer a basic alarm or alert system that can easily be ignored. We all know that the very best way to fire a man into action is to put an angry woman in his pocket! Our RemembHer app is a fun novelty download with a truly angry reminder system, ideal for forgetful men everywhere.”

The app can be used to set reminders about just about anything – a brother’s birthday, a friend’s dinner party, a doctor’s appointment or the collection date of a new purchase. When the event starts, users get a hilarious notification with the voice of an angry woman forcing them into action.

The app is available on the Android marketplace and costs 57p to download and the itunes store for IOS users costing 69p – a worthwhile investment in the face of costly missed appointment fees and angry relatives due to missed birthdays!

Levengrove also offers RemembHe, a similar app designed with an angry man at its centre – ideal for those whose worst nightmare is incurring the wrath of an angry old chap! The two apps work perfectly in tandem as an effective reminder system for anyone who has ever missed an appointment or dashed to a party at the last minute, and both are available for download today.

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