Former TTJ Award Winner Designs This Year’s Award Trophies

The former winner of a Timber Trade Journal Award, entrepreneur Kenny McFarlane has produced and constructed this year’s technically innovative TTJ award trophies, as his career comes full circle. Having attended the prestigious event in 2010 where he was the recipient of the TTJ Career Development Award in the under-25 category, Kenny received a plethora of further prizes before launching his highly successful business, bespoke hardwood stair rail producer Handrail Creations.

Kenny MacFarlane said, “Constructing the trophies for the ceremony in September was a huge honour and faintly surreal as I had attended the TTJ awards back in 2010 where I had received an award myself. From there, my career really kick-started so the opportunity to come back, this time participating from an entirely different angle was hugely moving for me and I hope that I can inspire others at the event to really reach for the sky. I am just phenomenally proud of everything that has been achieved.”

Kenny founded Handrail Creations where he now designs and produces bespoke timber handrails for residential and commercial projects. Clients looking for decadent, sweeping rails that encapsulate a sense of grand opulence can work in tandem with the company for a striking service that completely revolutionises a home or business. Incorporating the efforts of architects, contractors and designers, all projects are constructed using American and European white oak, black walnut, ash and sapele for a unique design constructed with each individual’s specifications in mind. Working in unison with a range of esteemed suppliers, the company is also seeking an eco-friendly FSC certification, certifying that it refuses to use unsustainable rainforests in its manufacture.

Vicki Greenwood, Head of Events for the awards said, “Working with Kenny Macfarlane, Handrail Creations produced some great concept work in terms of designs, which was then followed through successfully all the way to production of the finished article. The awards were very well received onsite, and I look forward to working on this project with Kenny and Handrail Creations again next year – a triumph!”

The fledgling company only started trading this year but has already provided a swooping stair rail for a millionaire’s mansion and a nationwide clientele base in Dubai, Singapore and throughout Europe. Putting himself forward as this year’s TTJ awards trophy maker has flaunted the company’s CNC and technical prowess. Constructed from sapele, the trophies were ebonised in four coats of finish right down to the grain and wire wooled to provide a high gloss finish which has proved popular with clients. The shape of the trophy is complexly forged to look like a geometrically perfect double helix to wow winners. The ceremony, which has been running for 18 years, showcases advancements and pioneering figures within the timber industry, and helped catapult Kenny to cataclysmic heights with his design, manufacturing and installation service.

Mr MacFarlane added, “The awards are a really momentous occasion which really helped me make a move in the right direction and by giving something back in the form of the trophy design, I hope to motivate other young hopefuls within the industry as well as show just what our company can do! I’m really looking forward to see the winners’ expressions as they pick up their trophy designed by Handrail Creations.”

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About Handrail Creations: Owned by father and son collaboration Martin and Kenny MacFarlane, Handrail Creations utilises the experience and expertise of a collaboration of designers, programmers, machine operators and installers to deliver gorgeous bespoke handrail designs within the UK and internationally.