Free Games Site Reveals More Female Gamers than Male Gamers

More and more women are making the leap into online gaming according to research conducted by The free games download site has analyzed its own user statistics for the last 24 months and shockingly, has found that there are more female gamers than male overall. The site recorded a surprising 54 % vs. 46 % demographic, with the number of male gamers sitting at the bottom of the gender list for the period February 2011 – February 2013.

The data was independently provided by digital intelligence experts Compete and further adds fuel to the fire that traditional stereotypes of PC game players are antiquated. With girls logging on to play in far greater numbers than men, it’s also interesting to note that the trend is spread evenly across age ranges. The independent data gathered by Compete for showed that the most prolific games are aged between 35 – 44 (22%) and 45 – 54 (22%) although 25 – 34 year-olds are also active gamers and make up 18% of all visits to the PC games portal.

Nikolai Veselov from said, “The gender and age range data makes for very interesting reading and certainly disproves the traditional notion that gamers are predominantly male. We were surprised to see that the number of female games comfortably overshadowed the number of male users on our site, demonstrating just how much PC games have evolved to cater for myriad tastes.”

As one of the busiest free PC game sites in the world, has been able to use the surprising results of its user data to inform decisions on new titles to be added to the site. In keeping with its regular monthly schedule, a number of games will be uploaded throughout April and some of these will be picked to appeal to the female audience.

Mr Veselov added, “The fact that our data goes back two years shows that women are increasingly gaining confidence and enjoyment from online gaming. We believe this to be due in no small part to the rise in games targeted at female users, as developers try to open up new audience channels for their products. We choose new titles to upload very carefully and always ensure a mix of genres but we have certainly noticed that there are now more girl-friendly games available. Our most popular categories continue to be ones such as hidden object games, card games and pool, which can be enjoyed by both genders.”

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