Free image augmentation platform Launches

A unique new visual blogging platform has launched this week offering publishers and businesses an easy way to create their own interactive media channels. is an image augmentation service introduced by the team behind ShowMyPC – a popular screen sharing tool. Plugon's interactive media channels can be used to showcase products and services, with powerful visual tools adding a slick and polished look to any digital content asset. Its name is inspired by the word "plug" which means to promote, market, advertise, publicize, mention.

The Plugon platform is free to use, meaning entrepreneurs, brands and publishers can focus on creating visually compelling content and showcasing their offers to users. The platform is user-friendly while being technology advanced – it automates, enhances and converts images uploaded by users into attention grabbing interactive channels.

Swati Tewari, Founder of Plugon said, “We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create a truly innovative service and are delighted to finally launch Plugon. It lets users explore products and services from brands and individuals in an interactive, engaging and fun new way. We’ve poured lots of technical expertise into the platform and spent a long time researching what matters to users and businesses alike. Plugon lets businesses use existing images to their fullest potential, with more functionality than traditional social media networks and much more visual appeal than a standard blog alone. It's a fast, easy and effective way to encourage customers to interact with images.”

For businesses, Plugon provides visual tools to create cross platform augmented content from standard images, empowering users to engage with the brand and creating new channels of communication between time-poor consumers and brands eager to stand out from the crowd. Because the platform is automated, no technical expertise or image wizardry is required to get an attention grabbing interactive channel up and running.

To get started, users simply create an account and upload multiple images to automatically create a highly interactive, wholly visual channel. A channel – or visual blog – is personal to the brand and can be used to promote, share and highlight any product or service. Images are tagged to be placed in channels and the channel owner updated with a user interaction score. Images can also be imported from other channels including Pinterest and Instagram. Plugon offers free expert advice to publishers to introduce them to the platform.

To find out more about Plugon, explore images and get started head to: or email


Dakota Digital for Plugon.US

Press contact: Rebecca Appleton



About Plugon

Plugon is the collective work of many creative authors and contributors- designers, marketing gurus, news makers, artists, space enthusiasts, food junkies, and many more. Each person using and working on Plugon makes a contributor. The company is registered in Delaware, USA and operates in Silicon Valley, California. 



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