Free Personal Emergency Cover Plan Offers Peace of Mind for All Gadget Guardian Customers

Gadget Guardian is offering a free gift to all customers who take out a gadget insurance policy, in the form of a brand new personal emergency cover plan. The HelpMeOut! plan merges an array of convenient and effortless services which aim to make light of any emergency.

Free to all customers who take out insurance policies with Gadget Guardian, the mobile phone insurance experts, the HelpMeOut! personal cover plan functions like an emergency helpline. Emergency situations can often require external assistance, and the HelpMeOut! plan aims to create a network of helpful services which can get anyone out of a tight spot.

With access to services worth more than £5.00 per month in total, HelpMeOut! can assist with many emergency situations which require especially prompt action. In the event of stolen or lost debit and credit cards, calling the HelpMeOut! emergency hotline can set the wheels in motion towards getting the cards cancelled and the access to them entirely blocked. Being locked out of a house, or facing lost or stolen sets of keys can cause huge issues in everyday life, and the personal emergency cover plan can help to arrange locksmiths who will fit and replace keys at a convenient time. Mobile phone loss is one of the most bothersome emergencies we face in the digital age; Gadget Guardian’s innovative free gift can help with the blacklisting of a missing phone and can arrange police reports and contact with network providers if necessary. In the event of any emergency, it is always useful to notify family and friends too; HelpMeOut! makes chosen friends and family members aware of any emergency situations and alerts them as to whether their assistance is necessary.

“In an age where we rely greatly on cards, keys and other gadgets, it can be disastrous to lose or damage any of them,” says Daniel Owen, Director of Gadget Guardian. “The HelpMeOut! personal cover plan aims to remove the stress from any emergency situation by making these helpful services accessible from one hotline.”

The emergency hotline is free to access for all customers who purchase gadget insurance from Gadget Guardian, leading UK providers of specially tailored gadget insurance policies. Combined with gadget insurance itself, the HelpMeOut! service provides comprehensive cover for anyone looking to acquire a little more security for themselves and their devices.

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