Free-to-play Games Helps PC Gaming Surge in Popularity over Consoles

The first ever PC-Specific major gaming convention was held in the UK last month, marking the start of a steady comeback for the use of a PC as a popular gaming platform worldwide. Experts suggest that the rise of free-to-play games is responsible for the resurgence in interest in the traditional gaming hardware. is leading the way and helping the PC gaming industry surge in popularity, with an abundance of totally free-to-play titles on offer for any gamer wanting to put down the controller and discover the keyboard once more.

Studies revealed that in 2015, UK gamers spent almost 30% less on buying new gaming consoles than they did in 2014. Expenditure on digital console and PC games however was up by 13% from the previous year. Whilst gaming consoles still hold the biggest worth financially, these percentages suggest the start of a changing trend in the new preferences of the gaming community.

Industry experts say that price factor may be the biggest reason as to why PC gaming is experiencing a return to popularity, noting that once the initial technology has been acquired it can be a much cheaper hobby to upkeep than when using a console. When comparing the rising price of boxed software games to the readily available amount of free PC games available, it is easy to see why the market preferences have shifted.

Nikolai Veselov from said, “All of our titles on offer at are licensed full version PC games which users from around the world can download or play online, for no cost at all. Gamers can enjoy full playability of each title without distracting adverts or in game purchases, for a magnificent gaming experience. has long seen the value in PC gaming and we are not surprised by these figures, as we add to our growing community of gamers who use our website day-by-day. We urge any gamers considering a new platform to head to the website to discover the abundance of titles we have on offer! You will never pick up a console again…” 

As well as being free to play, can also offer PC games in an exciting variety of genres that a seasoned console gamer may find pleasantly surprising, covering shooting, arcade, puzzle, time management and hidden object titles to name just a few.

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