Freelancers, Creatives and Contractors Given an Easy Way to Manage Their Finances with Launch of Fixed-Fee Accountancy Service from Cornel, using Xero

Accountancy firm Cornel has announced a new Xero Accountant service with a simple and easy to use in-the-cloud accountancy software called Xero, designed to help freelancers and contractors take control of their business finances.

For creatives, freelancers and contractors, the most important thing is to be the best they can at whatever it is they do, be it designing, multi-media, writing and so on. Most will have had little or no training when it comes to the handling of their financial accounts and despite their best efforts, it can result in undue stress and financial cost when attempting to handle their own finances.

The revolutionary new online accounting service from Xero offers freelancers and creatives an efficient and easy to use way of managing their own client billing and bookkeeping procedures with just a few clicks of a button. But even with Xero’s in-the-cloud bookkeeping software, end of year tax reports can still be an arduous and time consuming task for even the most financially savvy freelancer. That’s why accounting firm Cornel offer freelancers and creatives that use Xero a fixed fee and all-inclusive end of year accounting and compliance service.     

Mike Smith, Director at Cornel said, “Xero is loved by over 200,000 people worldwide and is proving hugely popular within the UK based freelancer and creative business community. Now that Cornel has teamed up with Xero, we can manage end of year accounts and tax returns from their Xero online books, giving them more time to be able to concentrate on what it is they do best.

The full service features everything from managing annual accounts, SA100 and CT600 tax returns, HMRC tax agent representation, monthly telephone and email support plus optional VAT and payroll services throughout the year. This not only frees up time for freelancers to focus on their trade, but also cuts down on the cost of employing either a full-time accountant or outsourcing to traditional accountants who work on billable hours rather than fixed fees. By using Cornel, freelancers also gain the benefit of a 20% discount on their current Xero subscription.

Xero provides its subscribers with an elegant and user friendly interface that gives a summary of all bank accounts, so they can see at all times how much money they have coming in and going out. Its

billing system lets users efficiently enter invoices and create recurring billing schedules so invoices can be automatically generated on a regular basis and sent via email, with the added bonus of instant online payment by their customers. Because all statements, including the ones from credit cards and PayPal accounts are imported and categorised, Xero users are constantly provided with accurate and up to date financial information.

As Xero’s accounting is stored safely in the cloud, users can log in securely from anywhere in the world and from any number of devices, including tablets and phones thanks to their new mobile app. Xero certified accountants such as Cornel are also given real-time, remote access to a client’s accounts, so end of year reports and tax returns can be handled off-site if necessary.

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