French Alps One of Most Stable and Popular Investment Areas in Europe According to BNP Paribas

Those looking for a ski property to call their own are being urged to consider the ever-popular French Alps following news that homes in this and surrounding areas represent some of the most resilient real estate in Europe.

In its annual analysis of the property market in France, BNP Paribas concluded that the property market in many of the southern regions is some of the most stable and resilient in the whole of the EU. Overall sales to foreign investors are on the rise, with a 4.5% increase recorded in 2012 and similar projections in place for 2013. Prices have also gone up around 12% in the most popular areas, which include Provence-Alps-Cote d’Azur, which accounted for 33% of new buyers, Rhone-Alps, which garnered 15% of the new market, and ile-de-France, which managed 12%.

A spokesman from property agents and advisors, Skiing Property says, “The BNP Paribas report shows what many have long since suspected; that although the initial cost may be heavier than a beachside villa or a city apartment, ski property is a solid and stable investment prospect. Typically we see that apartments and chalets in ski resorts generate a high level of demand, can command a high rental return and offer great potential for increased equity over the long term. France of course is an established market for skiers which makes property in areas like Provence-Alps-Cote d’Azur a safe bet.”

The Provence-Alps-Cote d’Azur region is home to the incredible cities of Marseille and Toulon, and has access to some of the most breath-taking mountain scenery anywhere in Europe. Rhone-Alps has similar appeal, with the commercially dynamic Lyon at its centre, and a gateway to the French Alps on its doorstep. France is also the sixth largest world economy, and plenty of tourists are guaranteed; tourism accounts for 6% of the whole country’s income, 4% being foreign tourists and 2% from native French holidaymakers.

The country is politically and economically stable, creating the perfect environment for property investment. The Alps average around 300 days of sun every year and the weather is primed for skiing, so this area remains an attractive holiday destination for plenty of tourists year round. This helps to ensure that there is no loss on rental income if renting is the intended outcome of an investment here. France also has a double tax treaty with the UK, meaning that if UK citizens invest in property in France, they do not pay tax twice, as in some countries. 

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