Fresh from Down Under VÖOST Effervescent Vitamins Launch to Put the Fizz Back into the Great British Summer

Fresh from down under, a new range of effervescent vitamins and minerals has just landed in the UK, promising to put the fizz back into British Summer. The VOOST range offers great tasting vitamins and minerals to help you find your fizz, whatever your specific needs are. The range includes a Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Multivitamin, Magnesium and Calcium + Vitamin D. 

Thomas Siebel, Managing Director, said, “We’ve been helping the Australian public get back their fizz for the past three years, and we can’t wait to do the same in the UK. All of our products have been developed by our expert naturopath in Australia for the Australian way of life. We’re a nation of outdoor lovers by nature so being active is important. For that, we need vitamins that put a spring in our step and fuel our bodies, so we created VÖOST to do just that. We’re looking forward to revitalising more bodies over here and pepping up British summer.”

Vitamins and minerals are essential for sustained health and wellbeing, yet it’s been well reported that many Britons aren’t getting enough essential vitamins and minerals day to day.   

The great thing about effervescent tablets is that because they’re dissolved in water, they absorb faster and more efficiently than traditional capsules or tablets. The UK has really only grown up with Berocca (Vitamin B) and Vitamin C in effervescents – at VOOST we’re all about the A to Z of Vitamins and Minerals in effervescents. At the moment the VOOST range consists of 6 varieties selling in the UK, and over the next 2 years another 20 different vitamins, minerals and herbal effervescent products will appear under the VOOST brand. We’ll have the biggest effervescent range of supplements in the World. 

All VOOST vitamins and minerals have no added dairy, lactose or yeast. Just great-tasting effervescent vitamins and minerals specially formulated for the oudoor Aussie lifestyle. With a long warm summer predicted, now is the perfect time to head outside and meet adventure head on. 

For those of you who want to #FindYourFizz VÖOST is available now from Asda, Waitrose and Superdrug. Find out more at 

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At VÖOST we love all things effervescent. We’re about providing our customers with specifically formulated vitamins and minerals that suit the Australian Lifestyle, all year round. We also understand customers’ needs vary through summer, autumn, winter and spring and this is what makes our range so popular. Since launching we have sold over 3,500,000 tubes of VÖOST, which equates to over 35 million tablets/glasses consumed by Australians.



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