Future Share Your Most Memorable Moments With New Social Network, Boxego

Weight loss goals or gap year journals – reveal your most unforgettable memories on a date of your choosing with Future Share

opportunity to reveal some of their most memorable moments at a point of their own choosing, with their unique Future Share option. The world’s first private social network lets users keep their posts hidden until a specific date in the future, when they can showcase them to their friends and family using an automated system – great for springing surprises, keeping in touch with family or even setting important birthday reminders.

An online journal, photo diary and video log all rolled into one, Boxego is going one step further than a conventional keepsake box ever could. The Future Share option is already being utilised by users across the globe as they set some of their most treasured moments to be shared on a specified date, with the friends and family members of their choosing. Think baby announcements, birthday greetings, updates from gap year holidays and a myriad of other important moments that are most effective when shared on certain days.

James Birrell, Founder of Boxego, says, “Our network is totally private by default, but we also understand that there are many situations where Boxego users might want to keep time-sensitive posts under lock and key until a certain date. Our Future Share feature allows users to set a date in the future when one of their posts will be revealed to the friends and family members of their own choosing – so whether they’re setting an automated birthday message for a close friend or unveiling the results of a weight loss programme they have embarked upon in secret, Future Share follows the theme of giving our users total control over their content.”

Boxego users are already finding a myriad of unique ways to use the Feature Share function. Travelling students on volunteering or gap year expeditions can share timed posts with their parents, to reassure them that they’re still safe – and haven’t run out of money yet! Those serving in the military can’t predict how much free time they’ll have to communicate with loved ones, so they can use Future Share to keep up a steady stream of correspondence with those who care about them.

Couples are regularly advised not to make their pregnancies public until after the magical three-month mark, so those who find out they’re expecting can excitedly set a Future Share on that magical three-month date – that way their friends and family can all be informed at the same time when they receive the email alert. Many people are also using the function to motivate themselves on a personal level, setting up inspirational posts that are delivered to their account on a regular basis, spurring them on in whatever challenge they’ve undertaken.

Boxego’s most unique feature are the robust privacy controls that give users complete power over what they share, with whom, and when it’s revealed. Unlike conventional memory boxes, which could be stolen, lost or snooped on, Boxego keeps everything totally locked up until the user is ready for it to be out in the open.

Instead of worrying about a family member stumbling across a time-sensitive secret or a premature announcement, Boxego users can relax, safe in the knowledge that their big reveal will go off without a hitch.

For more information on Boxego, visit the website: http://boxego.com/

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