Galvanized Pallet Trucks For Use Within Aggressive Conditions from Midland Pallet Trucks

Toyota have announced this week that three new models of their AC electric pallet trucks will be added to the range with a specific focus on a new galvanized chassis. This enhancement is suitable for operators who will be using trucks in wet conditions and who seek a higher level of corrosion resistance than regular pallet trucks. The update aims to prolong the lifespan of their trucks, maintaining a high level of durability and saving money for customers. However, Midland Pallet Trucks have been experts in the field of pallet trucks for many years and have long since understood the importance of a sturdy and long-lasting pallet truck, or pump truck as they are sometimes known. Their excellent range is perfect for use in areas which carry strong risks of corrosion or contact with chemicals, and the entire collection is available at an affordable and budget-friendly price.

The most basic and cost-effective of Midland Pallet Truck’s range is the ACZ25 Galvanized Pallet Truck, which has a loading capacity of up to 2500kg and forks specially designed to fit many of the most popular pallets in use. The nickel-coated pump unit is low-maintenance and perfect for use in carrying meat, sea products, beverages and chemicals which might require the entire chassis to be disinfected or washed on a more regular basis on a normal pallet truck. The mainframe, including the brackets, forks, push rods and handle, is fully galvanized and is available for just £419.95.

The resistant properties of stainless steel are renowned in many industries, making it a perfect construction material for a pallet truck which needs to withstand aggressive environments. The DBCS20-540x1150 Stainless Steel Hand Pallet Truck features twin front and rear nylon rollers for easy loading, and boasts an impressive carrying capacity of up to 2000kg. This truck is ideal for use in pharmaceutical or medical industries as it can be sanitised as often as necessary, and the unit is made entirely from stainless steel, except the nylon rollers and rubber accessories for grip reasons. The forks are suitable for use with euro pallets and the hardwearing and durable nature of the pallet truck makes it a great investment at just £1,049.00.

Wide forks are sometimes a necessity in areas where large quantities of goods will be delivered and transported, and the ACS20B Wide Stainless Steel Hand Pallet Truck fulfils the brief for a galvanized pallet truck perfectly. It can work in very low temperatures such as freezers and coolers, and can withstand a huge amount of hygienic wash-downs without any sign of corrosion. This truck was specifically designed for use within the food industry, but its advantages could still benefit a huge number of other purposes. With 2000kg loading capacity and wider forks which still fit many pallet sizes, this truck is available from Midland Pallet Trucks for just £1,195.00.

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