GameTop Invites Gamers to Defy Gravity with New Extreme Bike Release

GameTop, one of the leading developers of free games, have challenged gamers to test their mettle with the release of a sizzling new game, Extreme Bike Trials. Designed for use on Macs, the game is described as a ‘challenging motorbike simulation with a physics engine to keep things interesting’. The red hot title pits racers against gravity, challenging players to use their knowledge of gravity and balance to ensure the bike stays on at least one wheel as gamers race off in search of the ultimate in Extreme Bike glory.

A truly submersive experience, the game boasts a whole host of features ready for gamers to get their teeth into. An unbeatable track with unpredictable twists and turns means there’s never a dull moment as the game progresses from beginner to truly hardcore.

A free game with no annoying in game ads or purchases, Extreme Bike features exceptional graphics packed with extraordinary detail that will make even the most seasoned gamers stand up and take note. With a whole host of motorbikes that only the slickest, most daring racers can unlock, Extreme Bike Trials is one of GameTop’s most addictive games to date. The incredible soundtrack adds to the ambiance as players use their quick thinking and fast fingers to work their way across tracks with unprecedented obstacles to unlock the next level and advance through the game. There’s even a dinosaur hidden in a bush for eager-eyed users to try and spot!

Sergei Eliseev, CEO said: “Extreme Bike Trials is a revolution for GameTop. We’ve combined some truly great ideas to produce a game for all abilities that can compete with the best. And what’s more – it’s free to download and play as many times users like.”

GameTop, whose motto is ‘Stop Paying for Games! Download and play games for FREE!’ is one of the web’s largest free-to-play game publishers. With a huge portfolio of games for PCs, Macs and mobile devices, as well as a plethora of games for online play, the site provides a fantastic range of games for those with special interests. With adventure, shooter, and games specifically designed for children, to name but a few, GameTop caters for players of all ages and abilities.

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