Genius Vision Launches Brand New Software Licensing Model with NVR Subscription Edition

Genius Vision has unveiled its NVR Subscription Edition to go with its brand new licensing model: the Software Subscription Framework.

The powerful, easy-to-use new option will offer greater flexibility for those who don’t want to commit to long-term or lifelong licenses, as well as keeping hardware dependent risk at a low level.

The Software Subscription Framework offers a number of key benefits over the classic hardware-locking online licensing schemes, the first being that it’s far more cost-effective. Without permanent licenses, cost is proportional to use of the software – the experts at Genius Vision have compared it to the relationship between buying and renting. Subscription licenses are similar to renting, which will mean those who use their subscription for a shorter period of time will see real savings.

Another key benefit is its easy management. Online licensing is known to be tricky to navigate and handle – but subscription licensing displays all product packages and the dates of subscription in a transparency manner, so users can better plan and manage their relevant licenses.

CY Ing, President of Genius Vision, says, “Our Software Subscription Framework and the accompanying NVR Subscription Edition makes it easier than ever for users to be in total control of their subscriptions. This new alternative to permanent licenses offers greater flexibility and cost savings for all users, and licenses are more easily managed using our new cloud-based web interface, which allows users to create, view and manage their latest subscriptions, all on one convenient dashboard.”

The NVR Subscription Edition dovetails perfectly with another of Genius Vision’s flagship services, Community Platform. Community Platform is a collaborative project whereby users from all over the world can share configurations and settings for their IP video products, helping users to use their video tools without cross-compatibility restrictions.

With users now able to deploy various different licenses for different services and products, Community Platform may be called upon to deliver parameters and settings for those using the Software Subscription Framework model. Step by step, Genius Vision is breaking down barriers for those using NVR, leading the way in software development and working towards creating a complete platform for IP video management.

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