Get back to basics with Exclusive Pura Life Raw Food and Yoga Retreat

Mind, body and soul are invited to relax and rejuvenate this September at the exclusive Pura Life raw food and yoga retreat, hosted by two top yoga teachers and two renowned raw food educators. The retreat is holistically designed to unveil the delicious benefits of a raw food diet while relaxing by the sea.

Hosted and created by Pura Life Retreats, the short retreat will demonstrate the power of a well-planned raw food diet and explain the wellbeing benefits of getting back to nature’s basics. Yoga sessions suited to all ages and abilities will be instructed by Oona Hawley and Zenobia Corke, while top chefs Lisa Sture (Raw Lisa) and Raw Chef Sarmado will weave their gourmet magic, all set to a stunning seascape in the beautiful English countryside.

The deluge of processed meal deals and food-on-the-go options has left many people wondering how to put real food back into their busy lifestyles. Many seem to know that a salad is not enough to satisfy the hunger cravings of an appetite that’s become accustomed to an excess of sugar, refined flour and processed meats. Pure Life Retreats are specifically designed to turn all notions of raw food as ‘rabbit food’ into delicious, real results and a basis for a healthy eating habit that will transform all aspects of an unhealthy lifestyle.

The raw food diet has held the attention of the health and wellbeing world for a while but this is not a fad and anyone who has ever wrinkled their nose at the idea of eating a fresh and nutritious salad for lunch needn’t worry – the retreat gives clients the chance to experience raw food as created by raw food gurus who have created dishes for A-list celebrities, heads of state and some of the most renowned culinary establishments in the world. In addition to catering the relaxing, rejuvenating getaway, the duo will also lead once-in-a-lifetime practical workshops, packed with invaluable tips on creating dishes that are full of both flavour and nutrition.

Yoga is another key benefit of the retreat and will be the ideal introduction for those who have yet to discover the power of this powerful exercise. The yoga programme can be tailored to all abilities, so those familiar with it will also gain valuable exercise time on the retreat. The group is purposefully kept to a small number to ensure that each participant gets the attention and support they need to ensure success with the diet once they leave the retreat.

The retreat, which will be held at a luxury boutique hotel on the North Devon Coast, comes at the perfect time of the year to turn your bad food habits around, helping you to look and feel fantastic in time for the festive party season. Plus there’s no need to rely on the dreaded New Year’s resolutions in order to bring about a new you.

Lisa Sture, nutritionist and raw food educator said,  “It’s really important to take a look at our eating habits and the profound effects that thy have on our wellbeing and health. It’s easy to hide behind the excuse of being too busy to eat well but with retreats like ours, it’s easier that ever to get into the swing of eating healthily. Our retreat is all about opening the mind to all of the benefits and possibilities offered by the raw food diet.”

For a short time, Pura Life Retreats is offering a discount on the retreat price. For more information, visit