GiftCity brings modern and affordable corporate gifts to Singapore

Promotional products and branded merchandise can help build up business recognition business and form part of a wider marketing strategy but it can also be costly and time consuming. The launch of GiftCity in Singapore takes this challenge head on and makes it simple for corporates to access a whole range of items that can add value to their brand without breaking the bank or requiring months of waiting.

The range of corporate gifts on offer at GiftCity include everyday essentials such as branded lanyards, perfect for using in a busy office environment or at a conference, to modern laptop bags that can be personalised for a professional edge. The products also feature unique yet useful items that customers and business associates will be clamouring to get their hands on, such as practical yet modern looking bottle umbrellas, featuring a personal design, logo or brand colours.

David Chen, Director of GiftCity, said, “Promotional products can really help corporations to stay at the forefront of their customers minds year round but are also really useful for building brand awareness with new prospects. Whether businesses need products to give out during a trade show to ensure delegates remember them or want items to gift to customers as an extra incentive, it can help make brand reputation stronger and solidify corporate relationships. We know that creating and ordering corporate gifts can be a task that many firms don’t want to deal with themselves so our service has been streamlined and carefully designed to make the process quick, simple and hassle free.”

GiftCity offers a fast and reliable service, with turnaround typically taking between 1 and 3 weeks, depending on the specific items and quantity ordered. The speedy delivery means that businesses no longer have plan months ahead and can make quick purchases should unexpected opportunities arise. Despite the efficient service, GiftCity remains price competitive and is 10-20% more cost effective than rivals.

Businesses can place their orders and make enquires through the GiftCity website and can benefit for free shipping to all orders in Singapore. To make an order corporations will need to make a 30% deposit before paying the remaining balance once the products are delivered.

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GiftCity provides custom and branded merchandise for corporations. The company provides a fast and reliable service that is able to deliver products to a tight deadline will still offering competitive prices.