Go Eco At Your Next Trade Show

The trade show industry is the second largest producer of waste on the planet, falling only behind the construction industry for sheer waste levels. Around 60 billion people visit trade shows every year, and this contributes towards creating a staggering 1 billion pounds of waste annually; this equates to around 20 pounds of waste per person.

Mark Thompson, Sales Director at Printdesigns, one of the UK’s foremost suppliers of high-quality exhibition stands for the trade show industry, says, “The need to switch to more eco-friendly solutions at trade show is apparent in the light of these statistics. Luckily, there are a multitude of ways in which those compiling a display to take to a trade show can create an eye-catching and effective display without producing huge amounts of waste and adding to the huge carbon-footprint that the industry as a whole is creating.”

One of the best ways in which to preserve an element of eco-friendliness in an exhibition display is to utilise banner stands which are made from recyclable or ethical materials. Bamboo banner stands are a great example; renowned as one of the world’s fastest growing plants, the properties of bamboo lend themselves perfectly to creating a high-quality banner stand which will look great and will significantly reduce a carbon footprint. They are strong and hardwearing, creating a tensioned platform for a banner which will look great in an exhibition or trade show setting. Bamboo banner stands also come supplied with a choice of lightweight textiles which accentuate the natural, authentic feel of the stand itself. Visitors will also notice the effort that has been made to become more environmentally-conscious, and will be more inclined to see what the stand has to offer.

Cutting down on waste and becoming more eco-friendly is also much easier in conjunction with the masses of digital technology we have access to nowadays. Rather than attempting to pass endless flyers and leaflets to passers-by, and ending up with a huge pile of spare literature leftover at the end of the day, install an integrated-media exhibition stand within your display and simply get visitors to watch a short video instead. The video will offer them all the information they would have gained on the flyer, without the environmentally damaging wastage at the end of the event.

Exhibitors can also invest in energy-saving lighting solutions to illuminate their display, or can showcase their ethical credentials by handing out environmentally-friendly giveaways. Reusable bags, recycled notepads or eco-cups and cutlery make great branded gifts that visitors will take away and enjoy.

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