Go-Lites Offer E-Cig Starter Kits For The Ultimate Introduction To Vaping

As the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic cigarettes, Go-Lites is dedicated to making the vaping experience as easy and straightforward as possible. Its fantastic range of e-cig starter kits does just this, offering Brits a budget friendly introduction to joining the electronic cigarette revolution that’s sweeping the country.  Featuring a complete collection of e-cig essentials, breaking the habit with a Go-Lites starter kit has never been easier.

Designed as a cost effective introduction to electronic cigarettes, the e-cig starter kits offer buyers up to a week’s worth of simulated smoking satisfaction. During this time, smokers are able to gain a comprehensive idea of whether or not the solution is right for them.

Srikanth Vadlamudi, of Go-Lites, says “At Go-Lites, we’re committed to offering British smokers the widest range of quality, cheap electronic cigarette starter kits available. The concept of switching to e-cigs can be daunting at first, which is why we’ve made the process as easy as possible with our complete starter kits. Including everything you need to get started in one simple package, they are a great way to get a feel for the e-cig experience without breaking the bank.”

Included in a premium Go-Lites e-cig starter kit is a fully rechargeable battery unit complete with USB charger. Thanks to the nullified need for disposable batteries, smokers are already saving cash from the very first charge. Three cartomizers provide the equivalent of 90 regular cigarettes while buyers also have the choice of choosing from regular, mild or menthol flavouring. With two packs reducing the cost of smoking by up to 70%, cartomizers are a healthy, affordable and fuss-free alternative to their tobacco counterparts.

Those wishing to inject a little variety into their initial e-cig experience can add a range of mouth-watering e-liquid products to their e-shopping cart. With flavours such as berry fusion, vanilla, strawberry and grape, vaping has never been so delicious!

All Go-Lites e-cig starter kits arrive fully charged which means that the quitting process can begin from the moment the parcel is delivered. Those that choose to continue with their e-cig smoking experience can simply log onto the Go-Lites website and restock on cartomizers, flavours and other accessories. With a huge range of products on offer at highly competitive prices, Go-Lites offers its customers the chance to enjoy all the amazing benefits of the increasingly popular e-cig trend.

E-cig starter kits are priced at £6.49 for the Go S1 Single Kit while the Go S3 Classic Full Kit is currently on sale for just £9.99. Representing a saving of £17, Go-Lites offers incredible value to budget conscious customers.  

To find out more about Go-Lites and the great e-cig starter kits now available online, visit the website at: www.go-lites.co.uk.

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Go-Lites is one of the UK’s leading providers of e-cigs, e-liquids and other e-smoking accessories that are helping to contribute to a smoke-free Britain, whilst still giving smokers that nicotine hit they love. 



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