Go Searching for Treasure with MyRealGames

Do you ever wish you could go on a quest for treasure, the likes of which you only ever see in movies or read about in books? Now you can, with MyRealGames’ epic collection of treasure-hunting games! The online gaming site has a multitude of different titles in different formats – so whether you like match-three games or hidden object games, you’ll be walking away with a bounty of treasure once you finish the final level!

MyRealGames is a free gaming website with hundreds of games to choose from. There are games to download, games to play online and even games to enjoy on your mobile device – and they’re all totally free for the avid treasure hunters out there. The vast collection of titles offers something for everyone, whether they’re into complex puzzle games or exciting adventures.

Nikolai Veselov, of MyRealGames, says, “There’s nothing better than finishing a really tough game and getting the reward of treasure at the end! Whilst we might not be able to provide real treasure chests to our users, it’s still a real thrill when you finally unearth the reward at the end of the final level, or you finally get that bonus chest you’ve been aiming for. Many of our games are based around in the idea of treasure hunting, so if you’ve always fancied yourself an adventurer – or even a pirate – visit the site and enjoy all the treasure-filled games you can handle!”

Treasure-oriented games available to play at the online gaming site include:

  • Treasure Island: The Golden Bug - Extended Edition – Set in 1827, hero William Legrand thinks he has everything he could possibly want in life – but then a golden beetle shows up on the beach and promises to take him to Captain Kidd’s hidden treasure – an adventure awaits!
  • Lost Treasures of El Dorado – Treasure doesn’t always come in the form of gold! This game sees Professor Jack Foster searching for his long-lost love, Alicia in a jewel-matching adventure that’s sure to capture the imagination!
  • Autumn’s Treasures: The Jade Coin – This hidden object game revolves around a girl called Autumn, who wants to bring justice to her grandfather by returning his hidden treasures to him. Join Autumn on her adventure!

All of these games and many more are now available to play at MyRealGames – with no subscriptions, no paywalls and no joining fee.

To find out more about MyRealGames and browse the huge range of free and online download games for players of all ages, visit the website at: www.myrealgames.com

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About MyRealGames:  MyRealGames have fast made a name for themselves as one of the US’s premier free online gaming sites. All games are fully licensed for PC’s, have unlimited gameplay time and are 100% free. The site offers a diverse range of genres meaning there is something for every online gaming lover.