Google’s ad changes could boost click through rate, say PPC experts

Businesses should embrace changes to Google ads and rethink their strategy to boost their click through rate, say Bristol based digital marketing agency Site Reach. Those using Google AdWords can already take advantage of extended ads but advertisers that are still transitioning have until January 2017 before the old format is phased out.

The changes were made as part of a wider adjustment at the search engine, which is now taking today’s mobile-first world into greater consideration. Half a trillion Google searches are now made every year on mobile devices and the internet giant is keen to create a unified experience, including getting rid of its sidebar ads earlier this year. The extended text now on the ads benefit both users and advertisers. The changes give businesses and advertising experts additional control over their messaging and the ability to provide potential customers with more information and could result in an increased click through rate.

Tom Bennison, Search Marketing Director of Site Reach, said, “The extended adverts on Google AdWords gives businesses and advertisers an excellent opportunity to refresh their PPC strategy and really think about what their target audience is attracted to. If firms not already utilising the extra space that’s now on offer, we urge them to get on board. While they’ve now got some additional space to play with it’s still important to make every character count and run frequent analysis to assess the impact of their ads. It’s not enough to simply add a second headline, firms should take a look at their current strategy and see what’s working before building new, creative ads that will pull in more customers.”

The extend adverts on Google means that rather than a single 25-character heading, businesses can create two 30-character headings. The description text has also been increased and merged, allowing businesses to write one 80-character message instead of two 35-character portions.

For the last 6 years Site Reach has been building up PPC management experience, with their dedicated paid search team working alongside SEO, content and analytics teams to provide an integrated digital marketing package. The team has extensive experience of helping clients create successful Google AdWords campaigns, as well as other PPC platforms, including Facebook and Instagram Ads.

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