Launches traditional symbol for modern-day EU Referendum vote

IN or OUT? That is the question on everyone’s lips at the moment. Now a new, very British, campaign is set to bring it even closer to home with one of the country’s most-loved symbols. Celebrating one of the most important votes in a generation, the team behind has come up with a very British way of spreading the ‘IN’ word. Designed to celebrate ‘Great Britain’s greatness at being in Europe’, the team has designed striking bunting that can be hung up in homes, cars, places of work or anywhere people wish to spread the word.

Mimicking the days of street parties and the ‘make do and mend’ mentality, the bunting will bring people together who share the same opinions – as well get people talking who have differing views – and get the whole country discussing the issue. Bringing it to the forefront of people’s minds in a fun, creative and unique way, the bunting is designed to be eye-catching and expel positivity.

Pete Lewis, Founder of Greatbrit_In said: “The Referendum has been on everyone’s minds for quite some time now, however as we etch into the final week, we wanted to create something that would symbolise both the campaign and Britain.  Bunting is the perfect representation of traditional British culture – but ours has a modern little twist. Perfect for letting people know their thoughts and getting behind the ‘remain’ campaign, the bunting is a fun, yet serious symbol for one of the largest decisions of the last 40 years.”

The brainchild of Back to Front, a design collective based in Brixton, the campaign is designed to heighten awareness of the ‘IN’ campaign. Fully in support of the ‘IN’ campaign, the collective is made up of talented designers, photographers, developers, writers, illustrators and everything in-between. Passionate individuals who love what they do, they are determined to put their talent to good use. Designed to be simple yet stand out, the bunting’s aim is to become a symbol of the ‘IN’ campaign.

Voting on the EU Referendum will take place on Thursday 23 June. Nicknamed ‘Brexit’, the Referendum is the first – and potentially only – chance the British public will have to decide whether or not the country stays as part of the European Union, or leaves to become more ‘independent’. With differencing opinions throughout the political parties, as well as the general public, the Referendum is seemingly too close to call.

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