Ground Breaking New Website Launches To Turn Traditional Online Sales On Its Head

A ground breaking new website that turns the traditional online sales format on its head and injects a healthy dose of fun into the serious business of selling houses, cars, boats and other major assets in negative equity officially launches this week. fuses economic efficiencies for those who need to sell with a viable means to buy for those without enormous savings or perfect credit ratings. The unique online marketplace provides a place for owners who owe more than their major assets are worth, or who wouldn’t be able to get their required amount using traditional means, to sell via a prize-winning format. Owners list any item, from a house or timeshare to a car or truck and more, specifying the cash amount they need for it in return. It’ sells tickets to a game of skill, with the prize being the item for sale. As long as enough tickets are sold in the specified timeframe, one player wins the item for no more than their ticket price. The seller receives at or above market value for their unwanted asset.

Inspired by the difficulties of the 2007 recession and built from a desire to help those struggling to resolve their economic circumstances, the site and its unique concept was more than five years in research and development. Founder and CEO Joseph Bonavita explains, “When the economy hit a downturn and real estate properties plummeted causing tremendous negative equity, I wondered how those affected would be able to escape those financial pressures. I realized it wasn’t just housing that was affected, the issue included cars and boats and pretty much any major asset. It also became apparent that many people were looking to buy these same types of assets but couldn’t because their credit score no longer met the stricter requirements or they hadn’t been able to save up a large enough down payment.

“Trying to come up with a single solution with dual purposes isn't easy. I came up with many different ways over the years but each one had a problem. Finally in Jan 2012 we came up with a solution; a website where anyone can list their assets for others to win by playing a game of skill.”

Items are only available to win when enough tickets have been sold to cover the purchase price required by the original owner. Tickets presently start at $15 and all games are games of skill rather than chance. Current prizes include a four bed house in Oxford, CT, a Yamaha Road Star S motorcycle, a boat, an Audi A6 and a Yamaha Waverunner Jet Ski.

To buy a ticket or to list an item and for more information, visit

For more information, email or call 1-888-899-7584 (within US) / 1-203-881-9045 (outside US)



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