Groundbreaking Book Shows Those Unlucky In Love ‘How To Avoid Making The Big Relationship Mistakes’

An accredited relationship coach and online counsellor has launched a must-read book, aiming to save both men and women a lot of wasted time and heartache when they’re looking for love.

‘How To Avoid Making The Big Relationship Mistakes’ is the inspirational book by Nigel Beckles, a leading relationship coach with years of experience in guiding couples through difficult relationship issues. Out now, ‘How To Avoid Making The Big Relationship Mistakes’ explores the world of love, helping readers to navigate everything from the perils of dating websites to strategies to maintaining a healthy relationship, with practical advice and guidance for all.

Surveys have shown that 94% of adults consider having a successful, committed relationship to be one of their main goals in life. Approximately 85% of adults will get married at least once during their lifetime – but the current divorce rate is running at just over 50%. ‘How To Avoid Making The Big Relationship Mistakes’ attempts to address this divide, with ground-breaking step-by-step tips that prove once and for all that love is not a matter of luck or fate, but of hard work and commitment.

Author Nigel Beckles says, “With so many relationships ending in frustration, sadness and heartbreak, my book offers an antidote. Drawing inspiration from my many years as a relationship coach, How To Avoid Making The Big Relationship Mistakes provides actionable tips and advice for both men and women, helping them to develop successful relationships that are built to last.”

The book contains sections including ‘How To Spot Dating Red Flags’, ‘How To Cope With Relationship Failure’, and most importantly, ‘How To Understand and Avoid The Big Relationship Mistakes’. There are also chapters on identifying time wasters, taking control in a relationship, and even one on how to be successfully single – something that many people would surely love to learn.

Nigel adds, “I’m sure we could all agree that we’ve made mistakes in relationships in the past – but it’s crucial to learn from this mistakes in order to become a good partner. My book also helps take readers through the process of finding the right partner for a healthy and loving relationship, moving away from the unsuitable individuals that can bring you down, and identifying those who will work just as hard as you to ensure your relationship is successful.”

Nigel’s expertise in the world of relationships is unparalleled. He contributed to the award-winning documentary, Looking for Love, which was released in UK cinemas during 2015 and is now available on DVD.

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