Grow Your Own Gets Tactical with Smart Vegetable Planner,

Growing your own is bought into the 21st century this spring, with the launch of a smart vegetable planner for urban organic square foot gardeners. With the prime growing season well on its way, is a transformative new digital tool for gardeners wanting to boost their harvest with a growth centric strategy.

From veteran growers to budding green thumbed kids, makes gardening fun, fulfilling and foolproof – perfect for those keen to go organic this year by growing their own.

Using a core database of plants coupled with a unique suggestion system, offers users bespoke guidance on how to optimise planting in raised beds. After specifying the garden’s postcode for weather forecasts and frost dates, users simply click for customised suggestions. Vegetable recommendations feature top selections first, then follow up with less ideal options. Each suggestion is accompanied with icons of each plant's suitability, based on multiple tests and data. Factors include vulnerability to frost, length of season, previous plantings, crop rotation, companion planting, characteristics of neighbouring plants and more.

Alternatively, users can let do all the groundwork with an automated planting plan derived from top suggestions. Complemented by an easy to use visual planner and reminders for planting and harvesting, it’s a holistic gardening companion for the modern grower. 

“One of the major pitfalls of gardening is the disappointment that comes with failed crops. All that time and effort channelled into nurturing your plants, only for them to die or have a dismal harvest. takes the guesswork out of gardening by suggesting optimised  planning strategies, tailored to  square foot gardens. As a web developer, it’s a fitting blend of my two passions – gardening and technology,” says creator Karl Phillips.

Users have round the clock access to their virtual planner, which actively updates to show the progress of vegetables, as they grow. This means no more forgetting where the carrots are planted, no more wondering when to harvest the beans and no more double planting. As a mobile friendly app, is available on smart-phones and tablets. This means gardeners can refer to their customised plans, on-site.

“There’s no shortage of information on the art of vegetable growing, with book stores now featuring sections dedicated exclusively to gardening. Access is not an issue, however finding the time to trawl through the glut of gardening information is. Condensed into a simple, easy to use platform, makes vegetable planning, fast, simple and strategic,” says Phillips. 

Interactive and hands on, is the perfect way to encourage kids to learn about growing, harvesting and seasonal raised bed planning. To Phillips, nurturing the next generation of gardeners is critical, and is designed to do just this. 

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About is a smart vegetable planner designed for organic square foot gardeners. Using a database of plants, the algorithm offers users unique suggestions based on multiple tests and data. 



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