Growing UK-based handrail design company doubles its factory footprint

The UK’s economy has really come into its own over the last couple of years, with numerous UK-based businesses going from strength to strength after a tough period.

Handrail Creations, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of luxury bespoke handrails, is one of the pioneering businesses that is making waves in their respective field. The bespoke company has had an incredible year to date, and as a result, is set to double its factory foot print over the coming weeks by moving into the factory just next door.

Based in Bolton, the company has risen up the ranks and is now one of the most well-regarded handrail businesses in the UK. Innovative thinking mixed with traditional methods have firmly cemented the company as the go-to for architects and luxury building companies alike. And thanks to their incredible customer service and quality products, their reputation now precedes itself.

Kenny Macfarlane, Managing Director of Handrail Creations, said, “We have worked extremely hard over the last couple of years to really drive the business forward. We knew we had a winning formula and it was just a case of getting ourselves out there. However now we have built an incredibly strong team that we rely on for their own individual, but complementary, expertise, and will really pull together during the next phase of Handrail Creations.”

The creative company has designed and installed bespoke hand rails in the Houses of Parliament, luxury commercial spaces such as Google’s new HQ in London, as well as numerous deluxe properties across the UK. The company's revolutionary presence was also further noted within the timber industry when they were selected to design and manufacture the awards for the annual Timber Trade Journal Awards ceremony in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

On top of this, the company had also won several business awards, and have been nominated for a national award for UK small businesses. Going up against some incredible talent, the team are being recognised for their hard work, which is extremely humbling to the company.

“We are delighted by the response we have had in such a short space of time,” added, Kenny Macfarlane, Managing Director. “We are passionate about creating stunning handrails to really bring spaces to life, and I think that really shines through in our work and is part of the reason we have been so successful. We have growth plans set out for the future, with this move being just the start of it.”

The winners will be announced on October 20th at an awards ceremony in Landark Hotel, London.

The company works with luxury building companies, architects and contractors, as well as sub-contractors. To find out more about Handrail Creations, visit:

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Owned by father and son collaboration Martin and Kenny MacFarlane, Handrail Creations utilises the experience and expertise of a collaboration of designers, programmers, machine operators and installers to deliver gorgeous bespoke handrail designs within the UK and internationally.



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