GSE Now Offers Clients MAUS Powered Exit Strategy Planning

Now recognised as a MAUS Accredited Network member, Australia’s governing business consultancy group has crystallised itself as the go-to group for baby boomers wanting to execute effective exit strategies. Backed with the award winning cloud based management system, GSE Business Consultants develops bespoke exit and succession plans that allow SME owners to retire with confidence.  

As a result of sustained low fertility and increasing life expectancy, Australia’s population is slowly aging. Today, the median age of Australians is 36.9. This figure goes hand in hand with the fact that over 40% of all business owners are now over 50. Over the next five years 40% of owners plan to leave their businesses, with 66% of owners plan to use sales profits as a primary source of retirement income. Yet despite this goal, just 12% have a documented succession and exit strategy in place. For business owners wanting to pad out retirement funds, a strategic succession and exit plan is critical. GSE exists to help owners develop bespoke plans designed to fit the unique needs of their enterprise.

Paul Leach, Managing Director said, “Australia is getting older, and this harmonises with an increase in the number of businesses being sold off. We’re here to help SME owners streamline their exit strategies, and maximise returns.”

With award winning MAUS innovative management software now at the ready, GSE is able to offer its clients a world class service. Established as the global standard in strategic, business and operational planning systems, MAUS has over 20 years of experience in valuation and exit succession planning. Its software is second to none, featuring tools that support the development of detailed exit action plans, tailored to the unique needs of each individual client. Designed to transform the way businesses tick, MAUS features a quartet of key business planning models, including Exit and Succession.

Using intelligent algorithms, the module actively develops customised exit and succession strategies. This includes a value gap analysis, exit attractiveness index and a tailored readiness index/final exit plan.

“Exit strategies aren’t just about selling off a business for a profit. They’re about securing a client’s future, improving their quality of life and ensuring that they get the prosperous retirement they deserve. That’s why we’re committed to offering every client a tailored approach designed to optimise the unique factors of their enterprise,” says Paul Leach, Managing Director.

As a MAUS Accredited Network member, GSE offers its clients access to over 70 advisors, Australia wide.

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Founded in 2015, GSE Business Consultants specialises in helping SMEs augment efficiency, improve profitability and increase overall value. The group offers a holistic range of business consultancy services, including business value enhancement and exit/succession planning. The company is proud to be a MAUS Accredited Network member, with access to over 70 consultants Australia wide. 



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