Halloween ‘Google Doodle’ proves fun to be found in short, exciting gaming

Google took part in the Halloween celebrations yesterday with its latest ‘Google Doodle’, proving to be popular with Internet users across the world. Hailed in the media as a risk to productivity to all office workers this addictive title, released a day early on October 30th, was quickly been shared across social media platforms and with friends and colleague alike, reaching all corners of the globe and fast becoming known as Google’s most popular doodle yet. My Real Games, the premier free gaming platform in the US congratulates Google on its innovative game, highlighting how it demonstrates that even adult players can enjoy the fast-paced, short-lived fun that can be found from web-based online titles.

This year’s Halloween Google Doodle follows Momo the cat as she accidentally summons a gang of ghosts to the Magic Cat Academy. Offering a simple but exciting gameplay, players must fend off the evil spirits by drawing the shape of the symbols based above their heads. Each level can be enjoyed in just a matter of minutes, providing a quick and thrilling break from day to day activities.

Nikolai Veselov from MyRealGames.com said, “Google has done it once again with this exceptionally cute and thrilling browser game. While its Pac-Man doodle game from 2010 swept the globe this latest, original offering could soon beat it in terms of popularity. It has captured the imagination of many, providing a moment of easily accessible rest bite throughout the working, or normal day. At My Real Games we have hundreds of titles that are also free to play, offering the same experience and we look forward to welcoming new players that have been inspired by this Halloween game.”

Those searching for a similar spooky fix will be satisfied when heading to the leading gaming website. Holiday Jigsaw: Halloween has 100 puzzles that need to be solved, all featuring frightening scenes, while the renowned Fishdom series gets a ghostly update in Fishdom: Spooky Splash.

Not only for Halloween, My Real Games is the premium entertainment destination all year round, hosting a range of diverse gaming genres such as shooting, arcade, racing games and more to please players of every preference.

Once Halloween is over and the Google Doodle can’t be played any longer, continue the gaming fun and browse the exciting selection online at: http://www.myrealgames.com/


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