Harrison Brook Launches Pension Tracing Service to Recover More Than £3bn in Lost Pension Funds

Harrison Brook, one of the foremost international brokers of expatriate financial services, has launched a brand new pension-tracing service, which aims to reunite savers with forgotten or lost pension funds.

The Department for Work and Pensions estimates that there is more than £3bn sitting in lost pension pots in the UK. Research also found that around five million people could potentially be missing out on essential retirement income, and almost a quarter of adults are overlooking at least one pension pot.

The brand new service launched by Harrison Brook will track down these lost pensions and could reunite savers with funds that they had either forgotten about or lost access to. With thousands of soon-to-be pensioners across the UK concerned about their quality of life once they retire, the discovery of a long-forgotten pension pot could provide a much-needed boost to savings.

Ryan Frost, Private Client Adviser of Harrison Brook, says, “The government has revealed there’s an enormous amount of money sitting in pension pots that are lost or forgotten – and it’s now possible for us to track down those savings on behalf of our clients, reuniting them with money that they’ve rightfully put aside for retirement.”

Ryan Frost adds, “The system is very simple – each of our clients will be assigned a financial adviser, who will investigate their pension circumstances and hunt down any lost accounts or funds. Once the money has been tracked down, the adviser will be able to show each client how to access their funds again, making it fully accessible and available to them.”

Pensions can be forgotten about when changing jobs or moving house. Important pension-related documents could also be lost, damaged or stolen, leaving thousands of pounds sitting dormant in the account. Some simply aren’t sure who to contact about retrieving these funds – in which case, they’re encouraged to contact Harrison Brook to engage with their free pension-tracing service.

The totally free service provided by Harrison Brook will see expert financial advisers scour more than 200,000 pension schemes to locate clients’ missing funds without any undue stress to the client. Clients can help speed up the process by providing information including their date of birth, their National Insurance number, the date they started work with a business and any details about their pension schemes they can think of.

For more information about Harrison Brook or the pension-tracing service, visit the website: http://harrisonbrook.co.uk/pension-tracing-service/


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