Have You Got The Four-Year Itch?

A recent survey commissioned by Crucial.com to find out about the relationship between consumers and their computers has revealed that 50% of owners replace their computer after four years. It would seem that four years is the point at which software or operating systems become out of date, the computer’s performance has slowed down significantly and the need for a newer model has become too great to ignore.

Justin Briere, of US Apple and PC memory supplier Data Memory Systems, says, “This survey found some very interesting results regarding people’s relationships with their own computers. They stated that the most annoying thing about their older models was the slower speed at which they were running, and also that ‘ancient’ and ‘temperamental’ were the terms most often used to describe a computer more than three years old. However, the research also found that around 50% of the 3,000 people surveyed did not know how much RAM that they had, and therefore couldn’t understand what adding some basic RAM memory to their system could do for their computer’s performance.”

RAM memory allows programs to load much faster and aids the performance of a computer when it is multitasking. It is the crucial element in a computer which means users can surf the internet while listening to music and downloading a movie or editing a photo. When the RAM memory of a computer is insufficient, as it often does become with the deluge of programs and files which get added to a computer over time, the computer must draw memory from the hard drive, which is slower to react in such situations and causes the entire system to slow down dramatically.

Crucial.com’s survey also found that many of the computers labelled ‘ancient’ and ‘temperamental’ were just older models in need of some slightly newer components. The addition of even 2GB of extra RAM memory can have a computer functioning more like its old self again, and 4GB of new RAM could have it working just like new.

Of course, many of these computer owners have probably loaded a lot of software and data onto their systems in the four years it has taken them to get so frustrated with their computer. As well as installing extra RAM, users can perform perfunctory removals of excessive software and any programs which are no longer used but may be running in the background. Performing these two tasks together can help any computers users overcome that four-year itch.

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