Health-conscious group takes on the UK food industry with straight-talking ebook

With so many changing guidelines and advice on healthy eating it can be hard to keep up. Now a group of four sisters aims to put a stop to confusing messages by creating a book based on the UK Dietary Guidelines. Entitled ‘Eatwell?’, the book will focus on the 2016 Eatwell Guide and look at the country’s food and drinks industry. Highlighting the fact that many of the ‘recommended guides’ are actually heavily influenced by food and drink corporations that produce and sell ultra-processed foods, it aims to better inform the British population.

The 2016 Eatwell Guide was published earlier this year and set out guidelines approved by the government and food industry. A policy tool which is used to define government recommendations on healthy eating and achieving a balanced diet, it is revised regularly to include new developments and discoveries. The 2016 Guide suggests that people should eat a balanced diet of fruit and vegetables, wholegrain foods, beans and meat, dairy and oils, as well as include small amounts of sugary treats. Reviewed by Public Health England and an external reference group consisting of 11 members, it was later confirmed that seven of the members were representatives of the food & drink industries influenced by companies such as Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Unilever, Mars and Nestle.

Highlighting the need for unbiased and clear guidelines, Chloe Archard, one of the writers of the new ‘Eatwell?’ book and founder of the blog said, “The information that is out there is extremely worrying for the population. Often contradictory, there’s no wonder that people are confused by the messages. Causing the population’s health to deteriorate, it’s no secret that the population is getting more overweight and more unhealthy. But we aim to buck that trend and give people the correct advice from a non-biased viewpoint to enable them to overhaul their lifestyles in order to lead long, healthy, happy lives.”

With a strong emphasis on the Paleo diet, which is the process of consuming whole/real foods that are presumed to have been eaten by early humans, the book will highlight ‘true’ healthy foods and give readers impartial advice on healthy diets. Explaining the food industry’s research, it will outline where conflicting messages come from and why it’s important to do research and not rely on the mixed messages.

Consisting predominantly of meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, the Paleo Diet – also known as the Caveman Diet – excludes the consumption of dairy, cereal products and processed foods. Claiming that by eating like prehistoric ancestors, the population will be less likely to develop diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other health problems, the Paleo Diet has gained a cult following.

Containing ‘real’ food recipes, meal plans and shopping lists to help people plan out their meals for the week and eat well on a budget, the book is set to overhaul the food and drink industry. In addition, the team has set up a petition on, underlining the need for the country’s food industry to be removed from the conversation on UK dietary guidelines.

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Chloe Archard holds a Masters degree from the University of Oxford where she studied Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry and is now a qualified secondary school science teacher. 

After her second child was born Chloe began to experiment with the paleo lifestyle. It had an amazing effect on her health and inspired her, along with her 4 sisters, to create the popular health blog Paleo Britain ( Chloe also co-hosts the Eat Better podcast, available free from iTunes. 

Chloe lives in Tunbridge Wells with her husband and 3 children and is passionate about helping others find optimum health & wellness. 



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