Help children develop hydration habits for a lifetime with a KOR Kids water bottle from Hydration Centre

Parents concerned about giving their children a strong start in life can help their loved ones stay healthy and hydrated with a reusable water bottle from Hydration Centre. With the wide range of colour choice available in the KOR Kids range, children can choose their favourite bottle that is personal to them. Kids will never want to be without their very own water bottle, providing a constant water source and building a hydration habit of a lifetime.

Staying hydrated is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle, responsible for aiding concentration, reducing stress levels and for many vital bodily functions, yet many children and adults do not drink enough water in day. For those who enjoy the benefits of proper hydration, it is often due to healthy habits that have been formed to ensure they always remember to consistently drink enough water throughout the day.

Habits formed as a child can often remain with a person forever. Parents concerned about their children’s future wellbeing can help them as they grow older, by encouraging them to always have a source of fresh drinking water available. A reusable BPA free water bottle from hydration centre is a safe, low cost way to encourage this behaviour, to ensure proper hydration is always achieved.

“The health benefits of keeping your body hydrated should never be underestimated,” commented Trevor Hudson, founder of Hydration Centre. “However as a nation many of us are not even aware when we are dehydrated. Always having a source of drinking water available is a great way to ensure you take regular sips throughout the day, with a water bottle being a great way to do this. Many conventional plastic water bottles contain BPA, which can be toxic, meaning the health benefits of drinking water from that bottle would be inadvertently reversed.  Our range of KOR Kids water bottles are BPA free with an innovative drinking spout design that makes them easy to use, without unsightly chew marks that build up over time. ”

Hydration centre also stock a high quality range of reusable water bottles for adults, meaning parents can lead by example with their very own hydration source too!

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Hydration Centre believe that hydration can be easily integrated into even the busiest of lifestyles by using a high quality product to store water in - making a style statement whilst looking after your health. The result is their unique range of KOR water bottles, offering beautiful hydration products that are safe to use and totally BPA free. 



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