Helpful Tips To Ensure Printed Banner Success

In the dog-eat-dog world of corporate competition, having the edge over rivals often comes as a result of advertising. A vital aspect of every business, promotional success usually depends on equipment and apparatus. PVC banner and flag advertising is one of the most popular and successful methods of promotion available to businesses on small budgets; they are cost-effective, easy to implement and can yield great results in terms of increasing customer awareness around a business or brand. Here are some great hints and tips for businesses to get the most out of their printed flags and printed banners:

1. Back To Basics

The design of a printed banner should not be too cluttered. It can be tempting, with a large amount of space on which to transfer the design, to attempt to add as much information as possible. The most effective printed banners have simple and effective designs, which direct the reader on to make a response or take action. The headline should be the main focus of the banner, helping to establish quickly what the advert is about. Including basic response information such as a website URL or a tracking telephone number are advised. This way you can track the response from your banner advertising.

2. Choose a 'Hook'

Banners should have a clear call-to-action in some form; make it succinct and memorable. If the call-to-action involves going to a certain URL, ensure it is one which is easy to remember – the same goes for phone numbers. In certain situations such as exhibitions or trade fairs, customers may not have a long period of time in which to digest the information the banner is providing, so it is important that the call-to-action is as simple as possible. Remember the KISS approach; keep it simple stupid!

3. Targeted and Competitive Placement

Once the graphics have been finalised and the PVC banners are ready to position, it is important to choose their location carefully. If positioning the printed banners around the workplace or in the immediate vicinity, they should be highly visible. For businesses looking to attract

passing trade it is important the banners are positioned at eye level. Ideally finding space near the highest traffic areas in order to garner the most attention. Similarly, when placing printed flags and banners at events and exhibitions, opt for the areas which will tend to see more footfall such as entrances and exits or at the side of stages and competitions, food areas or the customer service space. Placing banners within the vicinity of rivals' displays or stands can also send a competitive message and have the added bonus of attracting more customers. Potential clients who have been lured in by a direct competitors' display in a different area are suddenly offered an alternative to the service they are looking for. With a strong call-to-action or un-missable deal on the banner, this can result in a higher level of response.

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