Heritage fashion has an important place in 2016, says Ezra Amarfio

As the cultural landscape shifts further into the future at unprecedented speeds, each arrival of a new piece of technology or design sparks a debate into the relevance of its historic counterpart. As cuts become experimental, fabrics become synthetic and production is passed down to the hands of machinery, the world of fashion is currently questioning the significance of traditional tailoring and hand-made craftsmanship in 2016. Jeff Amarfio, Creative Director of sartorial menswear accessories brand Ezra Amarfio argues however that now, more than ever, there is a need to return back to heritage within the fashion industry.

While the fast-paced, instantly gratifying, mass produced and stress provoking culture that is spawned by the integration of technology into everyday life is something that cannot be avoided in many cases, ‘slowing down’ fashion purchases is a choice that can be made in order to reclaim back a considered and refined lifestyle.  

Jeff Amarfio, Creative Director of Ezra Amarfio said, “Heritage fashion is more than just a ‘look’. It encompasses a mind set and ethos as well. A heritage garment or accessory is produced in the finest of fabrics, made by trained craftsmen who have spent years carefully honing their skills to be able to create items of high quality and beauty. Those that seek out these types of products are inadvertently then opening themselves up to a new world, gaining knowledge into the real production process of fashion, learning about where their favourite fabric comes from, how it is crafted and the process and hard work that is involved in producing every piece. This knowledge, in a world of fast and poorly considered clothing, can only be a good thing.”

Amarfio continued, “Heritage fashion is not obsolete and discarded after a few wears, these pieces last for a lifetime. It is rare to find products these days that have this quality.”

The range of menswear accessories from Ezra Amarfio, comprising of neckties, bowties and scarves, offer a chance to own a piece of heritage fashion and to start a journey of discovery into true trade and craftsmanship. With every piece made in England using fine fabrics such as Cashmere, Superfine Merino Wool and traditional silks, hand woven in Macclesfield, the quality can be seen in every stitch.

The exquisite selection of sartorial accessories will be launching in September 2016. For a first look into the world of Ezra Amarfio, sign up to the newsletter by visiting http://www.ezraamarfio.com/

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Ezra Amarfio is a new design house, producing luxury accessories for men. Every piece is hand made in England by highly trained craftsmen. British sartorial heritage inspires designs that seek to exude elegance and originality whilst retaining a timeless quality. Impeccable craftsmanship and keen attention to detail are cornerstones of the house and paramount in the ethos of the Ezra Amarfio brand.



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