High end Lifestyle Management Group Gives Londoners the Gift of Time

The widely held belief that money can’t buy time is set to be seriously challenged this month with the launch of an exclusive lifestyle management services provider. Based in London, TwoSisters Lifestyle offers a comprehensive range of high-end concierge services treating the capital’s elite to the one thing people claim money can’t buy – time. 

Contemporary Brits have become accustomed to incredibly hectic lifestyles and a recent study conducted by the Scottish Widows confirmed that this is having a direct impact on health, happiness and quality of life. According to the third annual Priorities of Life Index a huge 70% of respondents maintained that they struggled to devote adequate time to life priorities. 45% of respondents found it difficult to have fun, 44% claim that their busy lifestyles have a negative impact on fitness, 39% are concerned about disregarding their health and 14.2 million admitted to neglecting their home lives.

Klea Osja, Managing Director of TwoSisters Lifestyle says “London is one of the fastest paced cities on the planet and while it can be incredibly exciting the dynamism can also take its toll on personal schedules. We’re here to help with an exclusive lifestyle management solution that puts a much needed price tag on time.”

TwoSisters Lifestyle presents a definitive solution to the issue. Fronted by a team of dedicated concierges, the group offers its clients 24/7/365 lifestyle management services at the drop of a hat. Advertised services encompass a diverse range of spheres and reflect the company’s commitment to going above and beyond expectations. From personal shopping, holiday planning, event organisation, relocation assistance, family services,  personal pampering and securing exclusive access to the best clubs, parties and social events, TwoSisters Lifestyle is on a mission to become London’s go to source for lifestyle management services.

True to its name, TwoSisters Lifestyle was established by a pair of siblings with a passion for people. Marrying this with lifelong interests in fashion, luxury and business management the pair has created the crème de la crème of lifestyle management groups.

Underpinning TwoSisters Lifestyle are core values of integrity, reliability, and uncompromising client care. Unlike other generic lifestyle management groups, TwoSisters Lifestyle treats every client as an individual. Services are tailored to suit exact needs and expectations, with staff members assigned accordingly.  

The group understands that the only way clients can truly relax is by having complete confidence in the skill, responsibility and imagination of their personal concierge. That’s why every Two Sisters employee is trained to the highest standards and committed to unrivalled excellence. Integrity is also upheld at every level, from initial consultation to the carrying out of personal tasks. Should there be any doubt or indecision about actions staff are trained to immediately consult the client and discuss the best course of action.

They say life is a journey, not a destination. TwoSisters Lifestyle is urging Londoners to stop wasting time on unsatisfying tasks, enlist its lifestyle management services and enjoy the ride!

To find out more about TwoSisters Lifestyle, visit the website at: www.twosisters.london

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About TwoSisters Lifestyle: Operating throughout London, TwoSisters Lifestyle is an elite lifestyle management services provider. The company offers its clients access to personal concierges 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The group is founded on core beliefs of integrity, reliability, and exceptional client care.