Hold onto Summer Body Inspiration with a September Detox from VitalDetox

Looking to hang onto your summer body long after the warm weather has disappeared? The UK’s most friendly detox retreat company, VitalDetox, is offering an array of invigorating and rejuvenating breaks starting in September, so those who love the way they look this summer can hold onto their fitspiration into autumn and beyond.

VitalDetox provides a safe and friendly retreat environment where guests can detox their body and mind. This long-term health investment is a treat for all the senses, helping to promote wellbeing and happiness for all guests. Situated in the heart of the stunning Somerset countryside, the weight loss spas and detox getaways are guaranteed to help guests keep their body in shape long after summer has passed.

Anna Tolson, Director and Founder of Vital Detox Retreats says, “We know many men and women work very hard to get into shape before summer – but just because summer’s over, there’s no need to let that hard work go to waste. Our September detox retreats allow guests to hold onto their bikini body inspirastion and motivation as well as their toned and fit summer body itself! All of our guests in the heart of the Somerset hills can spend time cleansing their body and their mind, so they return home well-rested, and most importantly, rejuvenated to take on their next fitness challenge!”

Starting on September 4th, the next detox retreat from VitalDetox includes everything necessary for guests to continue their slimming journey, or maintain the results they’ve already worked so hard for. All guests receive four fresh, organic juices every day to stimulate weight loss while ensuring they soak up all of the nutrients their bodies need. The juice form is also kind to the digestive system, giving that a break for a week too.

Guests also have access to a variety of facilities and services, from meditation and health talks to colonics and even astrology. The detox retreats are a great chance for busy individuals to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with themselves and their bodies. Whether guests are enjoying a massage by one of the expert therapists on site, or gorging on some incredible raw food with amazing health benefits, the retreats are a fantastic way to re-energise – as well as seeing real weight loss results.

Ms Tolson adds, “The entire program has been designed to make sure guests get the deepest cleanse possible, on all levels – emotionally, physically and spiritually. We want to make sure guests are as happy and comfortable as possible during their stay with us, while also ensuring they see the best possible results for their body and their mind. For those who have been on a weight loss journey ahead of the summer, we will do everything we can to help them hold onto that summer body inspiration!”

To find out more about VitalDetox visit the website: http://vitaldetox.com/

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