Home Care Companies are helped towards achieving better dementia care with IQ Timecard

In March 2016 Jeremy Hunt, the British health secretary, set an ambition for the UK to become the most dementia friendly country in the world by 2020. Implemented by many home care companies all over the UK, automated timekeeping solution IQTimecard is helping health care professionals who work with dementia patients maintain high levels of care - through helping each nurse keep to a timely schedule, every client is left satisfied with regular and thorough visits from their carer, every time.  

To enable this ambition, initiatives are set such as increasing research and raising awareness around the condition. This move also pushes for more diagnoses of the illness to be made early on. Recently however, leading medics were frustrated at this aim, noting that, due to cuts in funding, there are not enough facilities in place to accommodate the growing amount of patients that require special care to cope with their dementia diagnosis. Using a real-time workforce management solution from IQTimecard can help healthcare companies to utilise their staff effectively, even if numbers are low, ensuring that all patients needs are met and that enough time is spent with each one to give a better level of support.

David Lynes, Director of IQTimecard said, “Dementia is a scary illness, and it is great to see the ambitions set by Mr. Hunt to try and increase support for the condition in our country. As it stands, these targets may need to be re-assessed to be more realistic with the facilities that are available to the healthcare industry at present. We work with many health care companies, helping them to manage their home care staff specifically. We hope that when using our IQTimecard solution, an effective time management strategy can be created, meeting the needs of the growing number of dementia patients, and moving one step closer towards the goal set by our health secretary.”

IQTimecard uses cutting edge technology to revolutionise conventional approaches to remote workforce management. Allowing arrival and departure time to a shift to be logged in real-time, this highly accurate data is then available for management to view on an online dashboard. Using this increased insight, both employees and staff can better understand their actual working patterns, making positive changes to improve them for the better.

For more information about IQTimecard, visit the website: http://www.iqtimecard.com/


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IQTimecard was developed by UniqueIQ, a technology company that uses the very latest digital breakthroughs to spearhead creative solutions.

Founded in 2003 UniqueIQ’s IQTimecard successfully operates a range of sectors including the home care industry, contract cleaning and security. We are rapidly growing and recognised for our innovative service capabilities – a legacy of many years at the forefront of the technology industry. We operate both nationally and internationally and place a premium on transparency and teamwork.



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