Homeopathic Formula Paves The Way For Effective Long Term Weight Loss Management

Slimming the physique becomes easier than ever this summer with the release of the all-natural homoeopathic weight management solution, Slenderiiz.

Combining the power of science with the wonders of natural herbal remedies, the unique liquid formula actively brings the metabolism back into a state of complete homeostasis. When this balance has been achieved, the body has the power to achieve accelerated and sustained weight loss by reducing stress, conquering sugar cravings and stabilising the hormonal system. Slenderiiz has been proven to help dieters to stay on track with their weight loss goals by suppressing the appetite and improving the mood.

Complementary therapist and behaviour change specialist, Linda Stewart is part of the team launching Slenderiiz in the UK, USA and Australia this month. She said, “Having consulted with Homoeopathic doctors for over two decades and studied Homoeopathy as part of a bachelor’s degree, I was very interested in this product. The efficacy, quality and potency of the active ingredients are unrivalled and will not disappoint anyone wishing to lose weight and effectively manage their weight in the long term.”

Around $30 billion dollars is spent on weight loss aids each year in America alone. Yet despite this staggering number, almost 98% of dieters regain the weight within just two years.

This failure to maintain weight loss in the medium to long term can be frustrating and often results in feelings of helplessness and disappointment. In fact, UK health experts have warned that yo-yo dieting and an ever-changing waistline can also lead to depression.

The reason for this disappointing result is that many simply do not employ the right approach when they decide to lighten the load. As a 100% non-toxic, hormone free and pharmacopeia approved product, Slederiiz can help to put end to this cycle. The all natural formula offers a safe, effective and long term weight loss solution. Unlike many other weight loss ‘miracle products’, Slenderiiz is backed with proven clinical trial testing as well as glowing testimonials from previous users.

Slenderiiz is derived from two tinctures associated with weight loss. A toxin free blend of herbs and minerals, Slenderiix works to actively boost the metabolism, ease digestive irregularities and provide the nervous system with vital nutrients. This compound is teamed with Xceler8, a patented blend of methylcobalamin (vitamin B12), biotin (vitamin H) and adaptogenic herbs that work to increase energy levels and regulate the mood.

When combined, the two active ingredients trigger a powerful physiological reaction that aids the body in purging subcutaneous and visceral fat including stubborn abdominal/belly fat. Not only do they support the body to shed unwanted weight but they decrease the likelihood of putting the weight back on again. Slenderiiz customers typically report weight loss of more than 3 kilos (half a stone) in just one week.

As Slenderiiz gains steady industry recognition, the product is predicted to become the natural weight management system of choice for millions of individuals who have previously struggled to stick to strict diets and keep the pounds off in the longer term.  

The company currently has a number of openings for self-motivated and health conscious independent distributors who are interesting in promoting optimal health through simple, cutting edge nutritional products.

To find out more about Slenderiiz and its incredible homeopathic weight loss benefits, please visit: http://slenderiizyourlife.com/ or email the team: info@slenderiizyourlife.com.

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About Slenderiiz: Slenderiiz is a revolutionary new homeopathic weight loss solution. Using a unique combination of Slenderiiz herb blends and patented Xceler8 vitamins, the formula actively works to stabilise the metabolism and hormonal systems which in turn helps to suppress the appetite, eliminate sugar cravings and improve overall sense of wellness.