HonkMobile Launches Remote Parking App At Western University

Canada’s leading mobile parking application continues to sweep the nation with the expansion of its services to new parking lots at Western University in London, ON. Quick, easy and ultra-convenient, HonkMobile allows student, faculty and visitors to pay for parking in the palm of their hands.

The pilot project was rolled out in November 2014 to three of UWO’s busiest parking lots - Medical Science (Lot C), Weldon (Lot D - near Weldon Library / the main library on campus) and Support Services (Lot K).

For university students tackling early starts and late nights HonkMobile is an absolute blessing. Avoiding parking tickets due to lack of spare change and the ability to remotely purchase or top up parking tickets brings a much needed element of safety, security and convenience. This means no wasted time waiting at ticket machines in harsh winter weather and no nervous trips to the parking meters in the pitch black. Instead, users simply pull out their phones, pay for parking wherever they are and hit campus in record time.

Michael Back, founder of HonkMobile says, “HonkMobile is all about convenience.  Nobody values this more than hardworking university students. We are thrilled to be introducing HonkMobile to Western University as our first locations in London, Ontario.”

The concept was kick-started by an ambitious Dragon’s Den speech which saw Back receive $200,000 in exchange for a 20% equity stake. Since launching in 2013 HonkMobile is already available in 142 locations across seven cities in North America.

To find out more about HonkMobile visit: www.honkmobile.com

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