Hormonal Health: PMS, Pregnancy, Pre- and Post-Menopause

Dr. Maiysha Clairborne Reveals That Help Is At Hand For Female Hormone Problems

How often have your female specific hormones left you feeling tense or under the weather? Do you seek freedom from the unpredictable effects that such hormones can burden you with? During her lifetime, any woman could experience hormonal-based issues throughout four crucial stages: PMS, pregnancy and both pre- and post-menopause, all of which can have the hormones acting the boss whilst you suffer at their command.

Female hormones are amongst some of the least understood, with many people reducing them to over-emotional and insubstantial feelings that have simply gotten you into a bit of a funk. However, there’s more to them than that, and these hormones can affect you in so many different ways. Not only do they play rollercoaster with your moods, they can also affect you physically in anything from appetite to sex drive.

Many women suffer through this alone and in silence, but experts at Mind Body Spirit Wellness Center, a Georgia-based clinic specializing in alternative wellbeing treatments, reveal that help is at hand. Using simple but effective methods that the clinic is well known for, it is possible to control the hormones that all too often shake up a woman’s life.

Wellness specialist Dr. Maiysha Clairborne suggests that the various stages in the female lifecycle no longer need to signal trouble or discomfort for the women of the world. By identifying the key hormones that come into play at these precise moments, Dr. Clairborne has been able to explore the problems that they create and in turn use certain medications, herbs and exercises to solve them.

Dr. Clairborne says, “By using a threefold approach that considers the use of medicine, herbs and exercise, it is possible for women to control the hormones that often affect them mentally and physically in PMS, pregnancy and pre- and post- menopause.” By using natural and organic methods, Dr. Clairborne believes that balance can be restored to the female body and mind. Exercise, for instance, is beneficial to all aspects of health, but is a particularly great way to regulate hormone levels. Herbs such as black cohosh also have links with easing symptoms of the menopause. 

From cramps, pains and hot flashes through to general low spirits, this holistic approach is one that covers all bases. It allows you to listen to your body and respond using the specific natural means that complement it. In using these simple techniques, it becomes possible to harmonize the fluctuations of the body, mind and spirit and regain the status as the boss of yourself.

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Dr. Maiysha Clairborne is an American Board Certified Family Physician, Holistic Wellness Consultant, Life Balance and Fulfillment Coach. The founder of Mind Body Spirit Wellness Inc., she has facilitated her clients in achieving and maintaining physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being for nearly a decade.

Dr. Clairborne’s offerings include acupuncture, wellness consulting, life balance & fulfillment coaching, and functional medicine. A seasoned speaker and facilitator, Dr. Clairborne also offers a variety of Mind Body Wellness programs for people all over the world. She thrives on creating extraordinary breakthroughs for individuals and groups through her interactive and results-oriented programs.

Dr. Clairborne is the author of “Eat Your Disease Away”, which focuses on positive change through balance and nutrition, and she has been featured as a wellness expert on numerous radio and television programs. Some of her features include television programs such as NBC40 Health Update, CW’s Focus Atlanta, Sacramento & Company, and nationally syndicated talk show Daytime TV. Expert article features include the DermaScope Magazine, Disney Family Online, and AOL Black Voices. In her spare time, Dr. Maiysha Clairborne serves on the board of directors for the Georgia Coalition for Domestic Violence, and is a recurring host of online program Intentional Life.