Hours don’t need to be cut to cope with demands for national living wage – IQTimecard offers new approach

The proposed rise of the national living wage in the UK, with targets set to increase to over £9 by 2020, has been met with concern by many businesses with worries that they will struggle to keep up with the new financial demands. Many predict that workforces will be hit with mass unemployment and cuts to hours, something that has already been experienced by cleaners employed by ISS and working in HMRC buildings, resulting in a two day strike in July and further action planned for September. Rather than being forced to make these unpopular decisions that will negatively affect their staff, remote workforce management solution IQTimecard suggests that accurate timekeeping software could help companies cope with the rising costs to regain control over their finances.

IQTimecard produces innovative software that has been an integral part of many businesses operations since its inception in 2003, and now with the release of a mobile app the time and attendance solution is further proving its relevance in todays working world. The specialists in workforce management systems work closely with many industries that rely on remote employees for its operations including home care and contract cleaning businesses. Using the software from IQTimecard, managers can increase efficiency in their workforce by encouraging accurate timekeeping, while also offering an improved insight into the actual hours worked each day, meaning that no employee is ever overpaid for work that was not actually completed. Using this, business owners can stay in control over their outgoings on payroll in order to ensure they remain in profit while treating their staff fairly.   

David Lynes, Director of IQTimecard said, “The new national living wage targets that have been imposed by the Prime Minister have not been welcomed by business owners, yet even after 16 trade associations have written to Business Secretary Greg Clark to demonstrate their views, Theresa May has proceeded with the plans. This means that unless companies want to also deal with difficult situations such as the recent strikes by the ISS cleaning staff, they are going to have to take action to prepare for this future in the best possible way.”

Lynes continued, “When using IQTimecard each member of staff can log their arrival and departure data in real time, giving businesses an accurate insight into actual hours worked. With this, it is possible to can regain control over outgoings associated with payroll, reducing spends that could be avoided and increasing efficiency in staff. With the money that could be saved from this insight, less money will be wasted so businesses won’t need to make as many drastic cuts.”

IQTimecard offers a free demo of its ground-breaking software online. Discover how it works by visiting: http://www.iqtimecard.com/


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IQTimecard was developed by UniqueIQ, a technology company that uses the very latest digital breakthroughs to spearhead creative solutions.

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