House Tree Stands By Zoopla and RightMove as New Competitors Join the Market

Online estate agency House Tree is reaffirming its support for portals Zoopla and RightMove after a new competitor started making waves in the world of property. is a relatively new online portal trying to shake things up with a new model – but according to Google search results, Zoopla and RightMove remain the brands to beat when it comes to finding properties for sale all over the country.

In a standard Google UK search, the team at House Tree discovered that yields no search results in the top twenty when it comes to keywords like ‘properties for sales in Manchester’ or ‘properties for sale in Cardiff’. Indeed, the site does not rank in the top three hundred results for the term ‘properties for sale’. RightMove and Zoopla still hold the top positions for these searches, and remain the key property sites for landlords, buyers, tenants and sellers in all circumstances. House Tree lists all properties on both RightMove and Zoopla, and reject claims that could break the duopoly.

Keyword Position on Google Rightmove Position on Google Zoopla Position on Google OTM
Properties for sale in Beckenham 1 2 27
Properties for sale in London 2 1 70
Properties for sale in Manchester 1 2 51
Properties for sale in Liverpool 1 2 45
Properties for sale in Birmingham 2 1 44
Properties for sale in Portsmouth 3 1 48
Properties for sale in Cardiff 3 1 41
Properties for sale 1 3 Not in first 300 results

Tom Harrington, Managing Director of House Tree online estate agents, says, “We always felt the biggest problem for was gaining the much-needed traffic from potential buyers – especially when competing with trusted industry names like RightMove and Zoopla. It’s all well and good High Street agents covering their window displays with logos to try and gain brand awareness, but the fact that the site is not showing up on Google after an extensive marketing campaign speaks volumes.”

He adds, “It’s still early days, but my guess is that most High Street agents will give up on in six months, when they realise they’re not receiving the same number of buyer enquiries as they would through one of the more well-known portals.”

There has been much talk in recent months about’s mission to become a leading property portal – but controversy relating to their model, which dictates that agents listing properties with them can choose only one other major portal, has seen many people put off from joining or listing. Zoopla has also seen great success in recent months, with a company record 50.5m visits to the site in January 2015, and more hits per day than there were housing transactions in all of 2014.

The coming years look very exciting at the top of the property portal market, and the main providers may have a battle on their hands in the future – but for now, any sensible estate agent should remain confident in the ability of Zoopla and RightMove to maintain their popularity, and provide the best possible service for all those looking to buy or sell.

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