Scientific evidence on how the brain learns and retains information can be the difference between success and failure in schools.

Simple strategies such as memory techniques used famously by Derren Brown, plug into the brain’s ability to create strong links between neurones making information easier to retain and recall when it matters most - in the exam. With the new curriculum and exam changes coming into play in September 2015 this is going to be vital to young peoples’ success. 

The impact of this can be seen in the 1000 schools Learning Performance Training work with across the UK. Their interactive workshops equip students with effective learning and revision strategies based on twenty years of scientific research on how the brain learns and experience.

The results speak for themselves as you can see from LPT’s latest impact evidence infographic attached.

At one school Pupil Premium students raised their average score from 22 per cent to a staggering 75 per cent in national tests having followed the six-week programme offered by Learning Performance.

Feedback is equally outstanding and indicative of how brain science can raise achievement in schools.

  • “One of the main reasons the school is improving its results is down to Learning Performance.” Headteacher, Sandon School
  • The memory pegs and techniques to remember lists went down well. In fact a few of the girls came to tell me since they aced a Physics test using the system! – Head of Year 11, The Read Maids School
  • “Students learnt new and practical strategies. It was fully centred on students, realistic and relevant as well as up to date.” – Headteacher, Westgate School

Carrie Starbuck, Managing Director of Learning Performance, says: “Using brain science to make leaning easier is essential to students’ success, yet many schools don’t teach it within the curriculum. Through our workshops,

schools can equip their students with all the techniques they need to ace their exams.”

She added: “These significant exam changes will put a huge strain on the memory of students, who will have two years’ worth of learning to demonstrate in a month. Furthermore, many students feel the pressure during exam periods and don’t perform to the best of their ability, meaning their final grade will not represent their true attainment.”

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About Learning Performance:

Learning Performance is the first study skills company in the UK to utilise brain science to deliver memory-training workshops to schools and students. All the Directors have a background in education and are genuinely passionate about young people and their future.

Last year, Learning Performance took a leading role in the UK Schools Memory Championships. In these, free workshops were laid on in schools nationwide. Selected students attended weekly Brain Club sessions, with top performers later coached by elite memory experts before taking part in the televised final on Watch UKTV.