How Can QR Codes Benefit Your Flyer Printing?

If you’ve been searching for ways to make your leaflets work even harder for you, be sure to choose an online leaflet printing service which can integrate QR codes. Although they have been around for a few years, QR codes are only just starting to become a buzz word in their own right. While the hype is building, now is a great time to get in on the act and begin integrating this most grown up of barcodes onto your marketing materials before your rivals beat you too it.

What is a QR Code?

A QR code is an evolution of the ubiquitous barcode. Instead of being formed by a congregation of horizontal lines, the QR code is a square grid of horizontal and vertical data. QR Codes were born in Japan and originally used to track car parts but are now used for myriad commercial purposes. A barcode is read by a scanner which can provide information such as product name and price. A QR Code contains this information within the code itself. When scanned, it can be used to trigger a desired action such as loading up a website, which a bar code can not.

Why do I need QR codes for leaflet printing?

QR Codes take any leaflet and turn it into a multimedia tool. This means a standard printed flyer can go virtual simply by including the small black and white grid of data anywhere on the design. For those with a smart phone, the flyer becomes a key into a multidimensional experience – encouraging user interaction and aiding brand recall.

How are other companies using QR codes in UK leaflets?

QR codes have many applications. Popular uses include the placement of a QR code which when scanned opens up a virtual business cards. Others embed the code in their leaflet printing so users with a BlackBerry, iPhone or similar can scan to be taken to the company website on their mobile device. This saves the customer the potentially difficult task of typing out a long web address on a small mobile phone keyboard. Many savvy companies are also increasingly integrating codes as a means of offering their readers a unique discount or coupon. In the US, QR codes are commonly linked to Google Maps, showing the recipient the location of their nearest store.

How easy is it to integrate QR codes with leaflet printing?

Extremely. CardsMadeEasy offer free design advice, free QR code generation and creation. You simply need to decide what action you would like your unique code to trigger. Codes can be changed with each print run so like any marketing activity, you can monitor results and adjust your actions accordingly. Remember to also promote your code elsewhere such as on your company website or business cards, so clients and potential clients know the value of scanning the code upon receipt of the printed material.

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