How Can You Prevent Your Business Cards From Being Discarded?

A sleek business card is arguably the most popular and effective way to introduce oneself in a professional setting. But with the amount of cards colleagues and clients receive on a daily basis, forgettable cards can easily find themselves at the bottom of a waste paper bin without so much as a second thought. Making a card memorable means finding that certain something to piques the recipient’s interest or persuade them that you may be a useful person to know in the future. If you’re waging a constant battle to stay ahead of the curve, attract interest and avoid being binned after just a cursory glance, follow these tips from the business card experts, CardsMadeEasy. A professional, attractive and eye-catching card could be just a few pointers away…

1. Colour

The use of colour on business cards can have a huge impact on the recipient. By far the most popular and eye-catching colour to use is a dash of red; it represents energy and passion, as well as vitality and excitement. Eyes are drawn towards red in a way that mild greens or purples rarely achieve. The other primary colours, blue and yellow, also have a strong impact and can easily be used in a corporate setting.

2. Image

Luxury brands or those in industries such as law, finance or the medical field, may not wish to use primary colours on business cards. But in their quest for a more sophisticated look, the chic beige and grey tones often used on style of presentation can become lost in a sea of similar designs. Using images is now easier than ever thanks to advances in printing technology; inserting small headshots can help to put names to faces for future reference, while a faded image set as a watermark behind the text can give the card an extra dimension that will make it easier to bring to mind in future.

3. Originality

As sleek and professional as they are, making a business card memorable often involves shunning the basic black-and-white text format for a more inventive method of communicating information. Folded business cards open up a pathway for pop-ups within, and some can be cut to include a built-in card stand, perfect for standing on desks and display stands to ensure they will not be forgotten. Business cards can also double up as another useful item to ensure they will be used more than once; creating one in the template of a name sticker or tag will encourage people to walk around wearing them all day at special events, creating free promotion.

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