How do you get your post-festive brain back into gear?

Many people can suffer from feeling less than ready to enter the world of work, education, or whatever ‘normality’ means for them following on from time spent switching off and indulging in food, drink and festivities during the holiday season. As the nation asks itself how it is going to rev up its brain again, ready for the challenges the New Year may bring, leading online gaming platform MyRealGames has the answer.

Puzzles such as Sudoku and word searches have long been used to improve mental performance, causing the player to engage and solve equations in order to win the game. For a quick, simple and fun way to enjoy these brain-teasing benefits, MyRealGames highlights its huge Puzzle category, bursting with digital version of these classic titles alongside new, modern additions.

Nikolai Veselov from said, “Christmas is a long awaited time of year for many people, especially as our lives continue to get busier by the day. For once it is OK to do absolutely nothing and to let our mind unwind – but for some it can be difficult to wind it back up again! Trying one of our fun, free online puzzle games offers just the right level of mental stimulation, easing us back in and helping us feel normal again after the festive break.”

Word Quest is perfect for fans of conventional conundrums, featuring hundreds of levels of fast-paced word puzzles to test any accomplished wordsmith, while Jabber offers a mystical, fairy-tale take on this literacy category.

Mahjong is also popular amongst the MyRealGames community, and this traditional Chinese game of strategy, skill and calculation is available to play in a wide range of settings and scenarios on the online entertainment website. Christmas Mahjong keeps the festive spirit alive, but alternative titles such as Mah Jong Quest and Real Mahjong give players the opportunity to play this ancient game in its most authentic form.

Suitable for players of all ages, kids are also encouraged to stimulate their mind ready for their return to school with a quick visit to the free gaming website, enjoying one of the many vibrant, exciting yet challenging titles. 

Forget about the extreme detox or other harsh regimes, and get post-festive brains ready to go with the free to play puzzles at   


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