How Much Synthetic Hair Will I Need For A Natural Look?

You have chosen your colour and the style of hair you want to transform your look, but how much synthetic hair will you need to buy? 16 inches? 8 ounces? 100 strands? FAME Hair Extensions examines the perfect amount of synthetic hair extensions to buy, and how they are measured.

The decisions regarding length and fullness of hair extensions largely correspond with the length and thickness of your own hair to start off with. The general rule is: when adding fullness only, use 2 ounces of hair. This will add volume whilst maintaining a fairly natural look. If adding length too, be prepared to add around 4 ounces of hair to create an authentic look that won’t appear straggly or thin at the ends.

The texture of your hair also plays a part in your choice of extensions. Those with fine hair who are looking for a volume boost can buy a half head of hair extensions to achieve the right look. Buying 3/4 head of extensions is good for fine to medium hair with a little length already; it can add volume as well as make hair appear longer. A full head is suitable for all hair types and lengths, and offers a huge volume boost as well as plenty of additional length; the hair won’t look straggly at the ends and will appear completely natural. It usually takes around 4.5 ounces to achieve this look.

It is also important to bear in mind the length in relation to the style of your hair. If you have perfectly straight hair, 16 inches will mean 16 inches of poker-straight hair. If hair is slightly wavy or curly, 16 inches of hair extensions will often be slightly shorter, so if opting for longer look, it is recommended that you choose the next length up to ensure full coverage and appropriate length. 10 inches usually falls just below the shoulder when it is completely straight, and a little above the shoulder when it is wavy or tightly curled, so choose your length accordingly.  

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